Being Psychic: 10 Sure-Fire Ways to Know if You Have the Gift

Ready to discover the truth about being psychic?

Ready to discover the truth about being psychic?

“Am I psychic?”

That is a common question to ask when you believe you might have psychic abilities.

But, what are the signs of being psychic?

Here, we outline the top ten factors that point to a potential psychic gift.

So get ready, because you’re about to discover the truth.

– Updated 10/11/2019

10 Signs You Have Real Psychic Abilities

1) Detailed Dreams

Vivid dreams are one of the most significant indicators of being psychic.

If your dreams feel real and you can remember just about every detail of them, you might have the gift.

Try keeping a dream journal to write down your dreams when you wake up.

Soon, you might see patterns in your dreams that can help you piece together the reason(s) behind them.

2) Visions

Do visions come to you like a lightbulb suddenly turning on?

Do visions come to you like a lightbulb suddenly turning on?

Psychic visions are an obvious sign of potential psychic ability.

You might experience visions of something that happened in the past that relates to the present.

Or, you could even have detailed, realistic visions of things that you believe might happen in the future.

Visions can happen in your dreams or when you’re awake.

Just be sure to jot them down as soon as possible to track patterns and connect visions.

3) Incredible Intuition

Higher levels of intuition may indicate psychic ability.

Can you usually guess who’s calling you before you answer the phone?

Or, maybe you sense that someone’s email is waiting for you in your inbox.

These accurate guesses could mean you have a higher intuition level than the average person and could indicate psychic ability.

If you have this type of intuition this video will help you develop it further:

4) Sensing Energy

Do you sense energy from, or see colors around, people you’re near or those you think about?

Being psychic often means that you can see colors or shapes in the environment and around people that others can’t, which helps you sense moods and predict events.

If you see colors or auras, it's a sign you may be psychic.

If you see colors or auras, it’s a sign you may be psychic.

5) Frequent Deja Vu

Déjà vu refers to one’s ability to feel as though something they’re doing has already happened.

When you experience it, you’ll feel very in tune with the event and people in it.

Déjà vu can happen to anyone, but those with psychic ability may feel it more strongly and more frequently than those without the gift.

They may also have Deja vu dreams.

6) Predictions That Come True

Psychics and mediums with real abilities can make predictions using their intuition and senses from others.

Most of the time, their predictions are accurate.

Some famous psychics have predicted celebrity deaths and terrorist attacks, such as Baba Vanga’s prediction of the September 11th terrorist attacks in New York City.

If you frequently make predictions that come true, you should consider taking a clairvoyant test to measure your psychic powers.

7) People are Drawn to You

Are you usually the people go to for advice? If the answer is yes, there's a possibility you have a psychic gift.

Are you usually the people go to for advice? If the answer is yes, there’s a possibility you have a psychic gift.

Do others often come to you for advice, almost as if they trust your intuitive ‘readings’?

If so, it’s possible that others sense that you have powers that could help them learn more about themselves, their future, and their loved ones.

If you have the gift of psychic ability, you might notice that even strangers enlist you for advice, even digging deep to learn more about their family history or relationship struggles.

8) Heightened Senses

People with the gift can usually feel, smell, see and hear things that other people don’t.

You might hear faint noises or smell food cooking or a slight hint of perfume.

However, others near you don’t hear or smell the same things.

Frequent tingling sensations on the skin or quick passing of scents could indicate that a spirit is nearby and possibly trying to connect with you.

Here’s a video that goes into more detail about your psychic abilities, and it also helps answer the question, “Are you psychic?”:

9) You Feel Sudden Shifts in Temperature

As part of the heightened senses that many psychics and mediums have, feeling sudden shifts in temperature could indicate a psychic ability.

Do you often sense things others aren't aware of?

Do you often sense things others aren’t aware of?

Do you notice quick changes in temperatures?

Or maybe you are more sensitive to cold and hot than others?

Sudden temperature shifts could indicate when a nearby spirit is reaching out to you.

Experts believe that spirits interact with their environment in whatever ways they can, which sometimes leads to their presence being felt by those they try to connect with.

10) You Have Family with Psychic Abilities

Being psychic can run in the family.

Some people just never recognize that they have the gift, while others keep it private so that even their own family doesn’t know about their psychic powers.

If you know that a parent, sibling, aunt, or even a grandparent possessed psychic abilities and you experience some indicators of the gift, it’s also likelier that you, too, have psychic powers.