Dead Ghost Lovers Spotted at Cameron Park in Waco

Over a hundred years ago, the Cameron Family decided they wanted to provide a gift to the city of Waco, Texas.

They decided to donate four hundred acres to the city, so that a park could be built close to downtown Waco.

The parcel of land included two natural rivers, and a series of beautiful cliffs.

Updated 2/11/2020 – Today, Cameron Park remains an important cultural aspect of city life downtown.

It is an area where city dwellers can escape their normal hustle and bustle, and get reacquainted with nature once more.

From hiking and biking to fishing and disc golf, this park seems to have it all.

…Including a handful of ghost stories.

According to local legend, there once were two Native American tribes in the area that were at war with each other.

One girl from one tribe and a boy from the warring tribe met by accident, and quickly fell in love.

They hoped that by sharing their love of each other with their families, they could somehow put a stop to the fighting.

But alas, that was not the case.

Both families were furious when they found out and ordered the couple to never see each other again.

Distraught, the couple realized they would rather die than live their lives separated from each other.

So the couple snuck off in the middle of the night.

They wandered into Cameron Park, and jumped to their deaths together.

Today, some folks in Waco believe the cliffs at Cameron Park are now haunted by the lost lovers.

One of those people is Seth, a local businessman.

Seth feels certain that section of the park is haunted because he encountered the two spirits himself.

Taking an End of Day Stroll…

“We were undergoing budget cuts at work, and it was an incredibly stressful time,” he recalled.

“I took to walking in the park for a half hour before succumbing to rush hour each evening.

It was the only way I was cheerful while at home with my family,” he said with a small grin.

“Anyway, one night I was by the cliffs, thinking about our accounting department, when I heard someone sigh right beside me.

I looked all around, but nobody was near me whatsoever,” he said.

“I was about to play it off as just being my imagination when I heard the same voice, only this time it was singing.

“I started looking behind trees, and bushes, searching for whoever was messing with me.

But nobody was there.

I turned back toward the cliff when I saw the strangest apparition ever…

“Glinting in the sun, I saw two hands intertwined, hovering over the edge of the cliff,” Seth said.

“I took a step closer, and that’s when the two hands suddenly jolted up in the air and then over the edge, still holding onto each other.

It was the most bizarre thing I’ve ever seen.

“When I went home that night I dreamt about a Native American couple in love,” he added in a whisper.

“I saw that standing in Cameron Park, and I knew it was them, their hands that I had witness earlier that day.

Now, every day that I am in Waco, I make sure to say hello them when I travel past the park.”

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