The Child’s Ghost That Haunts This Watsonville Memorial Just Wants Somebody To Play With

These days, the Veteran’s Memorial Building nestled on East Beach Street in Watsonville is used primarily as a community centre and venue for hire.

A sterile facade unnerves passers-by but gives away nothing about the nightmarish horror lurking behind those looming doorways.

The Child's Ghost That Haunts This Watsonville Memorial Just Wants Somebody To Play With

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Updated 9/23/2019 – Like all veteran memorials, the Watsonville Veteran’s Memorial Building was erected to honor those who fought for their country, but veterans might not be the only spirits connected to this building.

A Child’s Ghost

Children that have visited the Veteran’s Memorial Building have been noticed talking to themselves and to imaginary friends.

Spiritually sensitive adult visitors are disturbed by the sight of a small boy in old-fashioned attire playing on the stage during events.

The child is about three years old, and even though he is playing, his face is contorted into a grimace.

No one knows for sure where the ghost boy in the auditorium came from or who he is, but rumors are aplenty.

This child has seen more terrifying things in his short life than most people ever will.

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One rumor claims that when the Veteran’s Memorial Building was being built in the early 1900s, a local Watsonville child went missing during a storm, while his mother made herself a cup of tea.

He wandered towards the building site and was killed there.

Now he plays there forever, waiting for his mother to notice he’s gone.

Other rumors say he is the wraith of a child killed in the war.

Believers all agree that he will not rest as long as his body and identity remain undiscovered.

Real Watsonville Ghost Encounters

When no one is paying attention to him, the ghost boy rustles the curtains on the empty stage in the auditorium.

Many visitors have heard his laughter echoing through the empty auditorium.

Two people who were scouting the Veteran’s Memorial Building for their wedding overheard the boy’s laughter from the auditorium.

Alarmed, they searched for him.

A large, plastic ball rolled slowly across the auditorium floor.

There was no child to be found.

A visitor to the area claims she heard someone moaning while walking past the Veteran’s Memorial Building at night.

She didn’t know about any supernatural legends surrounding the building until after she told a local friend what she had heard.

When she found out, it deeply unsettled her.

For the rest of her visit to Watsonville, she stayed away from the Veteran’s Memorial Building.

People have also noticed mysterious footsteps echoing through empty parts of the building, particularly the upstairs area.

At this point, it’s unsure if these paranormal events are related to the ghost boy or not.

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