Haunted Hotel: Scary Nights at the Scotia Inn

Scotia, California boasts the lovely Scotia Inn.

A place where you can get a good night’s lodging, excellent meals (with adult drinks, if that’s your thing) and, if you’re really lucky, haunted by ghosts during your stay.

Most encounters with the ghosts in this haunted hotel have been harmless…

Haunted Hotel: Scary Nights at the Scotia Inn

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Updated 9/23/2019 – In fact, a few have even been downright pleasant, if you can believe the stories that those more open-minded to ghosts tell.

But a few are dark and brooding.

Beware the Ghosts of The Scotia Inn

In particular, some people will complain not of seeing the ghosts themselves, but of the ominous mixture of feelings – like being welcome and not welcome in the same instant – one gets when one moves around the place.

Pat and Dolores – a couple of retired self-proclaimed “damn Maine Yankees” who drive cross-country from one end of the United States to the other every couple of years – told me the story of their one (and only) night’s stay in the Scotia Inn.

“Pat and me was down to the diner that evening, and we was laughing it up because they kept threatening to serve us California lobster – whatever that might be.

“We was just generally having a good time, right up until we got up to our room.”

“No,” interrupts Pat.

Incredibly, his Mainer accent is thicker than his wife’s.

“That wa’ant how it was.

We saw the first one on the way up, only we didn’t know until later it was a ghost.

We had heard stories about this being a haunted hotel but didn’t really believe it.”

“Ayuh,” says Dolores, “that’s so.

And we were so creeped out by what we found in our bedroom that I forgot all about the gentleman in the tuxedo.

“He walked right by us without saying hi or nothing, and it wa’ant until he was halfway down the hall that we saw he had a big butcher knife sticking out of his back.”

What could possibly have creeped the couple out to the point that they (or at least one of them) could forget this detail until just this moment?

Scary Apparitions In A Real Haunted Hotel

At the haunted hotel, The Scotia Inn, in Scotia California, visitors report seeing a multitude of scary apparitions in their rooms...

Photo credit: deviantart/kumpan

“Oh, it was some awful,” Pat observes, his brows drawing down.

“As we opened the door, before us on the floor there was water everywhere.

I mean, the whole carpet was covered in it.

But the thing that was both creepy and irresistible at the same time was this voice that come out of the bathroom.”

“Which was clearly where all the water was coming from,” says Dolores.

“We walked into that bathroom, and believe you me we ’bout had kittens.”

“Right there staring at us in the sink, was a head.

T’was the head of a woman, severed off the shoulders and with blood coming out of her eyes, and floating in water.

“Only she wa’ant dead.

She looked up at us, opened her mouth once, and then the drain sucked her right down.

“When we got so’s we could move around and look about us and our room, everything was dry as a bone.”

“That’s right,” Dolores agrees.

“Not a single sign that anything had been amiss.

What did you do then, I ask them.

“Well, we ran of course,” they both say in eerie unison.

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