10 Most Haunted Places To Visit In San Diego

Many people agree that San Diego is one of the most beautiful places on the western side of the United States.

But did you also know that it is home to many paranormal hot spots?

Whether you’re planning a trip to the baseball stadium, or taking the kids to the children’s museum…or anywhere in between, you may just encounter something haunted, or even sinister.

Updated 2/10/2020 – Now get ready to discover, the ten most haunted places to visit in San Diego.

10) Mormon Battalion Historic Site

If you’re on the hunt for free things to do in San Diego this weekend, why not check out the Mormon Battalion Historic Site?

On 1846, five hundred men voluntarily enlisted into the Battalion, accompanied by eighty women and children and marched around thousand miles across seven different states before entering Mexico.

This march helped the cession of the southern states from Mexico’s control.

Today, visitors can visit the monument for free to learn more about that incredible and historic journey.

Everyone is also welcome to try on replicated period clothing, try to make a brick by hand, and pan for gold.

Occasionally visitors will report hearing phantom whispers and footsteps moving along with them at the site.

Some locals believe soldiers who perished on the journey now rest at the tribute site and like to follow people as they go through the tour.

9) Whaley House

Not only is this house considered one of the most haunted places in San Diego, it is also considered one of the most haunted places in the country.

Built in 1857, the Whaley House was not just a residence, but it also served as the town courthouse, theater, and general store.

It was also the site of the hanging of a man called Yankee Jim before the house was built.

Today, the house has been preserved and converted into a museum.

Explore its rich history by taking a tour of the house and visiting the gift shop.

Looking for a spooky time?

Schedule a ghost hunting tour.

Yankee Jim, Mr. and Mrs. Whaley and their daughter Violet are all said to haunt the house.

Don’t be surprised if you see the apparition of a young woman with a bloody bullet wound standing behind you when you look in the bathroom mirror…

Violet Whaley committed suicide in the house after being conned into a fake marriage.

8) Sunset Cliffs Natural Park

There is plenty of stuff to do in San Diego, and one place that can’t be missed is the Sunset Cliffs.

This sixty-eight acre park stretches along the shoreline, and includes many sea caves and ecological reserves.

The park is an ideal setting for romantic events, such as a picnic lunch with a loved one, or even a small wedding ceremony.

If you’re lucky you might even be able to see California gray whales migrating to and from the Bering Sea.

But whatever you do…you might want to avoid the park after dark.

Recently, a few visitors reported seeing a phantom apparition emerge out of the water and begin to charge at them.

The ghost was relatively shapeless in form, but allegedly still managed to leave a long gaping cut on one of the visitor’s forearms.

7) Del Mar Race Track

If you’re interested in finding places for fun dates in San Diego, consider visiting the second largest horse racing track in the western part of the United States.

Not only does the track have several large scale thoroughbred related events and races each year, but Del Mar is also a great place to attend a concert, tailgate with friends, participate in an athletic run, or even enjoy the varying cuisine at a food truck festival.

Every once in a while guests will report feeling as though they are being stalked when they visit the facility restrooms.

The ghost itself is unseen, but his shadow can be seen upon the wall, looming over you as you wash your hands in the sink.

One unfortunate visitor even reported that the entity followed him home one night, and followed him around his bedroom that night.

6) Cabrillo National Monument

If you’re interested in exploring all that nature has to offer, Cabrillo is one of the better places to visit in San Diego.

Enjoy a scenic two mile hike through coastal sage and native foliage. Search for various bird species, or enjoy the crisp water of the tide pools.

Interested in the history of the terrain? Be sure to check out the visitor center’s exhibits, the auditorium, as well as the Cabrillo store.

And if you happen to see a little girl in a while dress walking amongst the trails, use caution.

According to local legends, a little girl was once killed by her older brother by being drowned in a tide pool.

Now, the little girl’s ghost enjoys following people through the trails.

Nothing delights her more than leaping out from behind the trees to scare the wits out of anyone who passes.

5) Hotel Del Coronado

Looking for fun things to do in San Diego at night? Hotel Del Coronado just may have your answer.

The hotel, built in 1888, offers up a slew of amenities entirely unique to the hotel.

If you’re there for the evening, be sure to check out the bar, and the scheduled entertainment for the evening.

If you’re there by day, you can sign up for a surfing lesson, or attend a yoga class right on the beach.

Visitors can also enjoy golf, a painting class and even a lesson in sailing.

The hotel is haunted by the ghost of a woman named Kate Morgan, who checked herself into the hotel and shot herself in the head.

Today, the apparition of Kate has been seen all over the hotel, but she is particularly active in Room 3312, where she killed herself.

More than one visitor has woken up in the middle of the night in this room to find the furniture moving around on its town, and the disembodied voice of a woman humming.

4) Old Point Loma Lighthouse

Built in 1855, today Old Point Loma Lighthouse is available for self-guided tours.

A historic look into lighthouses is also the primary theme behind the exhibit in the assistant keeper’s quarters, located adjacent to the lighthouse.

Many folks in town believe Old Point Loma is haunted by a former keeper who passed away on site.

Visitors report that the upper platform of the lighthouse is extremely cold, and houses an otherworldly presence.

One high school student swears a dark shadow appeared next to her on the platform and terrified her, until she flew back down the staircase.

The young woman said she could hear heavy footsteps follow her as she ran all the way down, along with the sensation of someone breathing on her neck.

3) Torrey Pines State Park

There are many parks in San Diego, but Torrey Pines is considered one of the very best.

This two thousand acre park is one of the largest stretches of preserved land along the southern coastline.

It’s long winded hiking trail runs along the ocean, offering breath-taking views.

It also hosts a visitor’s center, museum shop, and easy access to the beach.

As you explore this beautiful terrain, please use caution.

Sometimes visitors will describe seeing a most unusual spirit there.

The spirit is of a Native American girl who doesn’t appear to have any eyes.

The entity is known to attack visitors, scratching at their faces with sharp nails.

Some believe she is trying to steal another person’s eyes for herself.

2) San Diego Children’s Museum

If you have kids, or nieces and nephews, you definitely want to visit the Children’s Museum.

This fun filled attraction has all kinds of interesting and educational exhibits, including an exhibit all about the state of California, and ginormous replicas of food, meant to teach children about proper nutrition.

In between exhibits, kids are encouraged to work on a hands-on art project, or decorate part of a large cardboard house on display.

The museum even offers the building for large scale corporate events, parties and weddings.

Of course, some brides would never consider the museum, as it is rumored to be haunted.

The apparition of a former janitor has been spotted roaming through the lobby right before the museum closes.

It is not altogether uncommon to hear a child cry after seeing the apparition, as its said the man has blood oozing out of his eyes as he cleans the floor with a ghostly mop.

1) Petco Park

Who would have ever imagined that a baseball stadium could be labeled as one of the most haunted places in San Diego?

If you’re in the mood to watch a game, be sure to check out the park.

Enjoy the Padres as you fill your belly with craft beer and gourmet style hotdogs.

Grab a souvenir from one of the many gift shops, and be sure to check out the extensive baseball memorabilia on the walls.

Petco Park is even available for guided tours.

According to locals, Petco is haunted by a poltergeist who is known for terrorizing people.

Not only will this tricky entity spill your drink on the floor, but it has been known to scratch people on their backs, and pull at the hair of visiting children.

Have you visited any of these places?

What was your experience like?

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