9 Haunted Roads In South Florida That Will Make You Piss Yourself

Sunshine, surf and sand evoke happy memories of fun vacations and exciting holidays, especially in Florida.

Travel south and discover a totally different world filled with darkness, where the roads, streets and avenues are teeming with the kind of terror you only expect to see in a horror movie.

9 Haunted Roads In South Florida That Will Make You Piss Yourself


Updated 2/10/2020 – It doesn’t matter whether you’re driving, walking or riding a bike.

These locations have spirits, monsters and demonic energies who are waiting patiently to get a piece of you, whether it be blood, flesh or your eternal soul.

You may need a legit phone psychic reading after this to remove the images from your mind.

Only a few lucky witnesses have survived to tell their stories.

Try to read them on your own – at night.

9 Haunted Roads In South Florida That Will Make You Piss Yourself

9) Deranged ghost Family on SW Ranchito St – Palm City

Stay away from SW Ranchito St in Palm City, Florida. Seriously.

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A family of deranged spirits skulk around after midnight on Ranchito Street, believed to be looking for a new home to haunt after theirs was destroyed in a hurricane.

Locals think that they are two parents and three children who were driven mad while alive, due to severe abuse and drugs – leading to the father killing them all.

Now they inflict their madness on anyone who comes into contact with them, filling their minds with such horror and rage that the victims end up hospitalized or worse.

They swarm you when you least expect it, starting with howling winds and psychotic whispers, slowly driving you insane.

8) Burnt Offerings at Fellsmere Rd – Fellsmere

Take a drive down Fellsmere Road in Florida if you're up to it.

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Many years ago there was an accident on this road where a couple were incinerated and died on the spot.

Some locals say that if you stop anywhere here you’re likely to have a terrifying experience, when the apparitions of their blackened bodies close in on you.

It starts with the awful stench of burnt flesh.

One witness stated that he pulled over to answer his cell phone, when he began to smell smoke.

He looked up and saw the shadows of a man and woman who were like large, burning embers.

He screamed when one of their scorched hands pressed against the window, making him drive off in a wild panic.

7) Creepy Ghost Children at SE 6th Ave – Okeechobee

This haunted road in Okeechobee, Florida is near the trailer where a vicious murder occurred.

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It’s believed that there are several ghost children lurking around this road at night – and they are anything but angelic.

Only appearing when twilight starts, they skulk around the trees and bushes – sometimes seen hiding among the trash cans.

Some say they are the ghosts of feral children from long ago.

One woman who eventually consulted a California Psychic reported that they are like small, crouching shadows until you get close.

She advised that she nearly fainted when one stood up, giving her a clear view of swollen flesh covering the childs’ eye sockets.

It then showed broken teeth as it hissed at her – making the others join in with the hissing.

She said she never goes out at night so she can avoid these freaky creatures.

6) Drowned Sorrows on Rainbow Dr – Inverness

Rainbow Drive in Inverness, Florida has strange beasts among the trees.

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Witnesses report of the terrifying spirits of people who committed suicide by drowning at the nearby Holden Lake.

They appear out of nowhere like a cloud of dark orbs – sobbing and wailing as they try to attach themselves to anyone who dares to get close.

One ghosthunter said he was followed home by one of them.

He reported that he drove past and saw the strange mist, so he stopped and got out to try and engage with them.

As soon as he felt the dark energy flowing over him, he panicked and drove off.

Later that night, while lying in bed, he felt a wet body next to him.

It took him weeks to get the evil spirit banished.

5) The Devil on SW Locks Rd – Stuart

South West Locks Road in Stuart, Florida is short, but you'll experience true terror if you visit at the wrong time.

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Some believe that the demon who haunts this road is none other than the Devil himself.

Even though some locals say he’s just a ghost who likes to play tricks, several witnesses swear that the nefarious entity is the real deal.

One older man said that he saw him in all his unholy glory late one night.

He was walking his dog when it started barking and whimpering all of a sudden.

Then the street lights went out.

Across the road he saw a misshapen entity looking right at him – it then told him that he was going to Hell.

He never got over it and he still believes that if you see the Devil on SW Locks Road, your number’s up.

4) Demon Car on Florida A1A – Palm Beach

Florida A1A in Palm Beach takes you along the water front, where the nautical ghosts congregate.

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If you’ve ever seen Stephen King’s “Christine” you’ll have some idea about how terrifying it is when something mechanical is possessed.

The thing is, this is considered by witnesses as a demonic ghost car which has nothing better to do but to mow people down – whether driving or on foot.

A young doctor who was driving through reports that he saw the headlights bearing down on him from behind – then they vanished – only to appear directly in front of him and racing at full speed towards him.

He let go of the wheel and crashed into a fence, but was lucky to live to tell the tale.

3) Demonic Hybrid at Glades Pkwy – Weston

Glades Pkwy in Weston, Florida has been known to lull drivers into a deep sleep until the moment of impact.

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Floridians are used to seeing alligators, which is why most locals dismiss the reports of a reptilian monster haunting the Glades Pkwy.

Witnesses tell of a low lying creature with eight legs – not four – and describe it as being part spider, part lizard.

First you hear strange grunts and thudding as it comes out of nowhere.

One local believes that it’s some kind of hybrid with evil intentions, as the smell of rotting bodies hits you when you see its snapping jaws, while it zig-zags creepily along a path to attack.

Some reported receiving gashes on their ankles after seeing this terrifying beast, which take ages to heal.

2) Cursed Spirits at NW 23rd Pl – Miami

Miama, Florida has numerous haunted roads, but none quite as sinister as this one...

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Some say that there are several bodies that were dumped by drug lords in this lush patch of greenery on the side of the road in Miami, even though no one has bothered to dig.

Locals believe that the fear is due to a strange curse placed on the land, while others say it’s the tortured spirits terrorizing everyone.

One local advised that she sees them mostly at the time of the full moon.

She said that it starts with profanities being yelled in different languages and nasty threats of revenge.

Another reported being followed by one of the evil spirits who threatened to slit his throat.

Now he steers clear of NW 23rd Pl.

1) Dark Void on Porpoise Dr – Marathon

Few roads are Florida are more haunted than Porpoise Drive in Marathon.

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Sometimes it’s hard to define evil, especially when it appears differently to different people or has no form at all.

This is the case with Porpoise Drive, where a mysteriously disturbing entity hides in the shadows.

Some say that it appears like a man-sized bubble of light, which soon turns dark as it approaches.

A witness tells how she was riding her bike one night, when she saw something strange in front of her.

She stopped and watched as the air “moved” above her.

She felt a terrifying sense of nothingness – like a black void.

Knowing that something evil was happening, she fled the scene.

She still can’t explain what happened to this day.