New York’s Ear Inn Frequently Visited by Drunken Ghost

Among the many places that are famous in New York for being haunted, the Ear Inn located on Spring Street is one of the city’s most notorious.

The pub is celebrated for its Irish décor and drink specials.

Oh, and also the fact that it’s frequently haunted by a ghost named Mickey.

The bar was originally constructed in the late 18th century by a man named James Brown, (not the funk singer) who was a Revolutionary War soldier.

New York's Ear Inn Frequently Visited by Drunken Ghost

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Updated 2/11/2020 – After the war Brown moved to New York to retire and decided to build this townhouse.

The landmark is extremely close to the Hudson River shoreline, and as such was frequently visited by sailors and other seafarers.

Today most of the original building still stands and along with supplying the community with a healthy dose of beer, it also has a reputation for ghost stories.

One of the tales that has gotten around is that of Mickey the Sailor.

Mickey was once a regular in the bar, spending most of his time and most of his money getting sloshed at the Ear Inn.

The one-time regular would spend most of the night at the bar, sometimes trying to convince the staff to stay after they had closed for the evening.

Alas, with all of his charm Mickey was not long for this world.

Encounters with Mickey’s ghost

The Haunted Bar of the Ear Inn in New York City

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There are two main schools of thought on how the saucy sailor met with his untimely demise.

  1. Mickey came in from port and hadn’t had a drink in far too long. As such he came into the Ear Inn and decided to go crazy; a little too crazy. Some believe that Mickey drank himself to death after consuming too much whiskey, dying right there on the bar stool.
  2. Others believe that after a couple drinks, and a couple drinks more, Mickey decided to walk home. He didn’t get far however. As the vagabond stumbled his way out of the bar he was hit by traffic just as he was crossing the street; a fatal warning to always look both ways.

How exactly the sailor met with his untimely demise is up for debate, but the one fact every regular at the Ear Inn can tell you is that it’s definitely haunted now by Mickey’s ghost.

Patrons have reported ordering a drink at the bar and bringing it back to their table. Once they sit down to take a sip, they are astonished to find the glass is empty.

Thinking it’s a trick by the bartender, the staff has to respond by saying that it’s Mickey’s ghost.

Owners of the pub have also sworn to the truth behind the apparition.

Many of the owners who live upstairs have said that Mickey’s ghost has climbed into bed with them while falling asleep.

It’s nice to see that Mickey is still a sailor at heart.

So if you ever find your drink surprisingly empty at the Ear Inn, don’t be so quick to blame your friends.

It could be the deceased Sailor Mickey just trying to find some enjoyment in the afterlife.