Haunted Alameda: Ghost Seen Dancing at Kofman Auditorium

The Kofman Auditorium was built in 1903 and is located in Alameda, CA.

This structure was home to many ballet and theater shows.

The locals have always considered the it one of the best playhouses in the area.

Haunted Alameda: Ghost Seen Dancing at Kofman Auditorium

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The Tragic Tale of the Kofman Auditorium Ballerina in Alameda

Updated 9/23/2019 – This auditorium is also part of Alameda High School, where many recitals have taken place.

While many consider this building to be full of smiles and laughter, there is one lonely soul that isn’t smiling or laughing.

Years ago, a young woman was said to have died in the Kofman Auditorium.

The stories vary, some say she tripped and hung herself with her ballet shoes after dance recital.

Another of the stories told by the locals, and the more common one divulged, is that she was pregnant and hung herself.

The story is told of a young woman who fell in love and mistakenly got pregnant at the beginning of what was to be a promising dance career.

Fearful of what everyone would think and say of her pregnancy, she took her own life in the one place she thought she could find eternal peace.

Today students, visitors, and parents that attend the Kofman Auditorium for recitals, plays, and other events often hear noises and sometimes even see an apparition.

They believe that the apparition is the ghost of the young woman.

The locals describe her spirit as friendly, and always trying to make contact.

Maybe she regrets her decision, or maybe she just wants to dance for the people one more time before passing over?

A Ballerina Named Bubbles

The Kofman auditorium is haunted by a ballet dancer who was afraid of shaming her family.

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The people of Alameda have named the spirit Bubbles due to the orb she produces, mostly in photos near individuals.

Bubbles can often be seen hanging around her dressing room, which visitors have found is the best place to get a photo with her.

Another of her favorite spots to be seen, on stage.

Sometimes you can see what appears to be an extremely sad young ballet dancer gracing the stage.

Though the locals say she is friendly, her presence can be quite spooky when you hear a loud bang from an otherwise quiet building.

Bubbles has become an ingrained part of the Kofman Auditorium.

Visitors often come to the auditorium to get a glimpse of the dancer taking a spin on the stage.

Residents of Alameda hardly even take notice to the noises they hear while in the auditorium, as they know she likes to be heard.

The spirit seems to be sad and eager to make any contact she can with people and is often present during shows.

Many of the locals believe that she is sad over never getting to be a mother, or maybe never being seen dancing on stage again.

Whether she hung herself by accident or from sadness and loss, her spirit is friendly and only wants to be seen.

Lots of the theater students at Alameda seem to consider bubbles as a friend and part of the building itself, and wouldn’t consider it the same without her.

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