Inmates Are Haunted By Their Victims At The Jefferson Correctional Institution in Monticello

Prison is a frightening place for a lot of people.

No one likes the idea of being cut off from society.

But Jefferson Correctional Institution in Monticello, Florida scares people for a much more supernatural reason.

Inmates Are Haunted By Their Victims At The Jefferson Correctional Institution in Monticello

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Madness In This Monticello Prison

Updated 2/10/2020 – Many inmates and guards at Jefferson Correctional Institution believe the building attracts hauntings.

Maybe this is because of the amount of killers that have walked in and out of its gates?

Paranormale researched suggest that when a person is killed, their ghost holds onto the person responsible for their death and haunts them until the day they too die.

The Jefferson Correctional Institution  is not a maximum security prison, but many inmates have been incarcerated for second or third degree murder or manslaughter.

These prisoners might be visited by the ghosts of their victims.

Some inmates and guards recall seeing apparitions in the prison building and outside.

A group of ghostly children were spotted by one ex-inmate in the dormitory.

He was mopping the hallway when he heard a high-pitched giggle.

He looked inside the dormitory to see what was going on.

He believes he saw four children — three boys and one girl — running around and playing tag.

Other inmates and guards who have seen or heard these ghosts believe they are the spirits of children killed in a drunk-driving accident.

It is rumored that they followed their unfortunate killer to Monticello.

Now, unable to play outside ever again, they run and laugh and play inside the dark, unfriendly prison walls.

Either a lot of people go mad in the prison, or some darkness lurks inside the correctional facility.

Silenced by Death, This Spirit Still Has A Message to Tell

One of the ghosts of a victim of an inmate at this Monticello prison.

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Some people say the worst thing about prison is the way it takes their voice away from society.

Inmates have little contact with the outside world, and they even can’t speak to their loved ones except during set hours.

Many ghosts, however, can’t speak at all.

The apparition of one phantom woman has been seen outside the visitors room at Jefferson Correctional Institution by visitors to Monticello.

She claws at the window.

Her eyes and nose are obscured by a grid of wire.

Only her mouth can be seen clearly through the smeared glass.

Some visitors say they’ve watched her lips move, but they can never make out a word she’s saying.

Rumor is, she’s desperate to vindicate the man arrested for her death and condemn the person who actually killed her.

As a dead woman, she is as voiceless as he is himself when it comes to proving his innocence.


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