The Best Pregnancy Psychic Readings (Accurate Baby Predictions)

Discover the truth about pregnancy psychics in this review.

Discover the truth about pregnancy psychics in this review.

Updated 2/9/2020 – My husband and I had been trying to get pregnant for almost three years without any success.

Although friends and family meant well, their questions about when were we going to have children stung, especially after each negative pregnancy test.

We had talked to a fertility specialist, but there was nothing keeping us from conceiving; it just wasn’t happening.

Rather than admit defeat, we wanted to keep trying, but I had many concerns and questions that doctors could not answer.

I thought about going to a psychic because I had been to one before and got great advice about some concerns I had at the time.

I began to scour the internet for psychics and read about pregnancy psychics. Although my husband was skeptical, I contacted a pregnancy psychic via numerology reading and I was amazed at the answers I got.

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During the reading, many of our questions about our fertility issues and conceiving a baby were answered. While psychic readings are not for everyone, you may be surprised by the accuracy of the answers you get. Also, the initial reading is free, so you are not out any money when speaking with a psychic.

Things to Consider Before Contacting a Pregnancy Psychic

Before making an appointment with a psychic, there are some things to take into consideration. It helps to know what to expect from a psychic who makes pregnancy predictions.

When you ask a psychic if you will get pregnant, they reach out to the spirit world to find answers to many of the questions that you might ask. So, if you want to know if you’ll have children, they can look to see if there are souls that are intending to be born to you.

Who Should Get a Fertility Psychic Reading

If you’re frustrated like I was about not being able to conceive a child, then you should consider consulting a psychic via numerology. However, it is important to be open to the idea of the spirit realm as skepticism can make it more different for the psychic to do an accurate reading.

Before you contact a psychic, consider what you want to get out of the reading. They usually do not provide customers with exact dates and times, but they may communicate with angels, spirits, or see your intended children.

Who Should Not Get a Fertility Psychic Reading

If you do not have an open mind, you shouldn’t seek a reading as you could accidentally block the psychic from getting accurate information. The best way to get accurate answers is to ask the right questions. Avoid questions, that are:

  • Passive questions that begin with “Will I?”
  • Doubt questions, which being with “Should I?”
  • Restrictive questions or “who, what, when, where” questions.

Rephrase any questions you have so they are open-ended and involve seeking solutions to the problems you may be having getting pregnant or how to take care of yourself if you are pregnant.

What Is a Pregnancy Psychic?

Although there may be psychics who can answer the questions you have about conception and pregnancy, they don’t necessarily specialize in pregnancy predictions. Most psychics can see or predict almost anything that will happen in a person’s life, including pregnancies.

As previously mentioned, as long as you’re open-minded about psychic readings and phrase your questions correctly, you could find out:

  • If the psychic sees the babies intended for you.
  • What their sex may be.
  • If there are multiple children in your future.
  • What you can do to ensure their health.

How Accurate Are Their Predictions?

Predictions about pregnancy will have the same accuracy of any other predictions from a psychic. Their predictions will depend on your actions as much as what they see in the spirit realm. If you’re taking a path that leads to conception, then they may see the soul that’s intended to be your baby.

Although some psychics are very accurate, you should avoid those who promise exact time and dates of conceptions or the birth of children. Also, avoid those who ask several questions before the reading. Most psychics can work with limited information, such as your past experiences.

Ultimately, the accuracy of any prediction will depend on the path that you’re on and what decisions you make. Even though a psychic may be able to see what can happen, you still have control over your life.

With limited information, the psychic in this video demonstrates how readings are done (She also accurately predicts the reporter’s pregnancy and the sex of her unborn child because she can see the spirit of the baby):

How Can a Medium Tell the Sex of a Baby?

Most psychics or mediums can see the spirit of your intended child and, if you’re already pregnant, they can tell whether you’re having a boy or a girl. I was so excited during a reading with my psychic when she told me she could see the spirit of the little boy I was having.

However, most psychics don’t usually see physical sex, but the spirits of yin and yang, which represent femininity and masculinity respectively. So, if a psychic sees yin or feminine qualities and says you’re having a girl, but you have a boy, his qualities may be more feminine than most boys.

Can They Help You Talk to Your Baby?

Sometimes, a psychic may be able to help you communicate with your child by connecting with its spirit. You don’t need to be a psychic yourself to communicate with your baby. You just need to be open to the idea of communicating with a spirit.

While a medium can help you communicate with your intended child’s spirit, there are also ways you can do so directly through:

Questions to Ask a Pregnancy Psychic

When you’re trying to find out if you will become pregnant, if you are pregnant, or anything else about future children, here are some questions you can use during free psychic pregnancy readings:

  • Will I Have a Baby?
  • Will I Have Another Baby?
  • What Will the Gender Be?
  • What Will My Baby Look Like?
  • What Are Some Characteristics My Baby Will Have?
  • Am I Pregnant?
  • Do I Have Twins?
  • Will I Have Twins?
  • When Will I Get Pregnant?
  • What Is the Best Time for Planning to Have a Baby?
  • When Is the Best Time for Conception?
  • How Do I Make Sure I Have a Healthy Baby?
  • What Is the Best Way for Me to Get Pregnant?
  • How Successful Will My Baby Be in the Future?

As previously discussed, you should try to rephrase questions, so they are open-ended to get more “yes” or “no” for an answer.

The Types of Readings and How They Benefit You

If you decide to contact a psychic about your pregnancy, there are four types of readings from which to choose:

  • Pregnancy
  • Baby
  • Fertility
  • Conception

Pregnancy Psychic Readings

Opening your mind to a fertility psychic reading can lead to profound answers.

Opening your mind to a fertility psychic reading can lead to profound answers.

One of the most common questions women ask psychics is about pregnancy.

They may ask if they will get pregnant, when, and about the number of children to which they will give birth.

By asking the right questions, a psychic can tell a woman if they see any intended children around them.

However, even though there may not be a spirit near them now doesn’t mean there won’t be in the

This type of reading could be beneficial because it can:

  • Put your mind at ease about getting pregnant.
  • Help you relax about getting pregnant, which can make it easier to conceive.
  • Give you information about your future children.

Baby Psychic Readings

If you are pregnant, then a medium may be able to give you information about your future child. They may be able to tell you its sex or if it has masculine or feminine traits. The medium may also be able to help you communicate directly with your child by asking questions through them.

The benefits you receive from this type of reading may include:

  • Finding out your future child’s sex.
  • Learning how to communicate with him or her.
  • Discovering some of your child’s characteristics, such as their masculinity or femininity.

Fertility Psychic Readings

If you and your partner are having difficulty conceiving, then a fertility psychic reading may be able to give you some answers. You can ask the psychic if they see children in your future and then ask about what you must do to conceive them.

If you are unaware of fertility issues that you or your partner have, the medium may be able to alert you to them. They may see the spirit of an intended child and why their path to you is blocked. By informing you of this block, you may be able to get treatments from a doctor or change your path and conceive a baby.

Some of the benefits this reading provides are:

  • Discovering if there are intended children in your future.
  • Finding out about any fertility issues of which you may be unaware.
  • Getting the treatments, you need to conceive.
  • Changing your path to be receptive to the spirit of your intended child.

Conception Psychic Readings

Some people have problems conceiving even when there are no fertility issues. If this is the case for you and your partner, you may ask the psychic about what you must do to conceive.

Your medium may mention changing your lifestyle to help you prepare to conceive. These changes may help reduce stress or allow you to open yourself spiritually, so you are more receptive to receiving the spirit of your intended child.

You can benefit from this reading by:

  • Finding out what you can do to increase your chances of conception.
  • Making changes to the path you’re on so you can conceive.
  • Becoming more receptive to your intended child, or children.
Are you ready to get real pregnancy predictions?

Are you ready to get real pregnancy predictions?

Free Pregnancy Psychic Reading

Most psychic websites offer free initial readings for people who have never used their services. In fact, offers a free Numerology reading to consult with the stars and to ask questions concerning pregnancy, or any other topic.

Satisfaction Guarantee

After you’ve had a reading with a psychic, if you’re unhappy with the experience, then you can request reimbursement.

User Reviews and Testimonials

To help you decide whether to visit a psychic about your pregnancy, I searched the internet and found several positive reviews about psychics. Although they are not specifically about pregnancy, you may find these reviews useful if you have concerns about consulting a psychic. review review


Updated 2/9/2020 – There is nothing to be nervous about when getting a pregnancy psychic reading since you are in charge of your destiny. You can accept the advice or information you receive or take it with a grain of salt.

Readings from one of can help put your mind at ease about whether you’ll ever have children, as they did with me. They can tell you about your intended child or make suggestions about changing your path so you can start a family.

Ready to get your free initial pregnancy reading via numerology?