Guests Claim This Hotel Is Haunted By The Former Owner Who Died in a Fire

In the town of Julian, California there is a frightening mystery which no one can solve.

Originally a restauraunt formed in the 1880’s that burned down and was renovated into a hotel in 1897, the Julian Gold Rush Hotel has had more than its fair share of supernatural occurrences.

Guests Claim This Hotel Is Haunted By The Former Owner Who Died in a Fire

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Updated 2/10/2020 – The restaurant’s original owner, Albert, was killed in the fire.

Locals claim the fire that killed Albert and burned down his restaurant was accidently set by a group of mischievous kids playing with matches.

Disturbing Occurrences Near the Julian Hotel

There have been dozens of reports of missing animals around the area.

Many locals believe that the constant stream of missing animals is Albert’s way of taking revenge on those who killed him.

Guests of the hotel, along with paranormal experts and supernatural enthusiasts, have reported waking up in the hotel with strange burn marks on their necks, arms, and legs.

A couple of  ghost hunters claimed to have been visited by the ghost in the Patio Cottage they were staying in.

One woman reported seeing the ghost of Albert in the mirror of her second floor room as she prepared herself for a day at the nearby Volcan Mountain Wilderness Preserve.

She described the ghost as decayed, but not a skeleton.

His eyes were cloudy, almost as if the smoke from his tobacco pipe resting in his mouth had been absorbed by his pupils.

The only reported case of interaction from the ghost was from a previous worker of the Julian Hotel who reported seeing the ghost of Albert enter the room while he was cleaning, only to watch the spirit silently sit on the bed and sob.

The worker, who asked to remain anonymous, tried to leave the room, but alerted the ghost, causing Albert to jerk his head towards him and chase him out of the room.

Disturbed and delusional from what he saw, the man never went back to the Julian Hotel.

Malevolent Entity

Be quiet at night time or you might attract some unwanted attention from entities at the Julian Gold Rush Hotel in California...

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Although no human can ever confirm that they were attacked by Albert’s ghost, experts classify his ghost as malevolent, with one of his telltale signs being the red marks found on guests arm’s.

A woman staying at the Julian Hotel reported hearing the soft sound of a man sobbing and the smell of tobacco smoke from outside of her room, which she found strange due to the hotel’s no smoking policy.

Soon after, she saw the ghost of Albert wandering the halls of the hotel.

Former Julian Hotel dining staff have reported doilies, tablecloths, and even candles being moved around before tea time.

Many believe this to be Albert trying to maintain his hold on his old restaurant, which was known for serving tea.

The ghost of Albert is a spirit who many believe just want to pass onto the next life, yet others believe Albert is here to stay and seek his revenge.

The Julian Hotel is a quaint, unsuspecting place, but the residents of this old mining town will tell you the stories of Albert and his tragic tale.

The tales of the Julian Hotel have attracted many people – thrill seekers, experts, and those wishing to debunk the supernatural.

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