The Evil Caretaker Of The Stoffel House Whose Presence Can Still Be Felt Over 100 Years Later

The Stoffel house, also known as the Red Cross House, in Anaheim, California, is a paranormal hot spot, with a lot of people reporting that they’ve seen an evil caretaker that roams the property.

John Woelke built the house back in 1894, which was then later purchased by the Stoffel family in 1907.

The Evil Caretaker Of The Stoffel House Whose Presence Can Still Be Felt Over 100 Years Later

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Updated 2/10/2020 – Since then, the house has actually been moved to founder’s park, and has been put on display.

As you can imagine, this is a go-to destination for tourists, which has led to a ton of reports of the place being haunted by the original caretaker of the home.

Why does the original caretaker still roam the halls of the Stoffel house?

That’s a question that we can’t answer, but it must have been a job that the man loved enough, that he’s willing to continue his duty even after death.

They say that while you’re walking through the house, you can feel an evil presence staring you down the entire time.

As if it’s following you throughout the entire home — watching you.

Many people report that if you look at the painting and pictures in the home, you can see the eyes in the pictures watching you.

Most people claim this is especially true when you’re walking up the stairs in the home.

So, why is the caretaker referred to as being an evil spirit?

When he was still alive, he had a lot of work to do at The Stoffel House which kept him busy. Now that he’s dead, he spends his time in much more malicious ways.

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Well, some say that while climbing the stairs in the home, that you feel so drawn to the pictures, that you will pay more attention to those, rather than paying attention to the fact that you’re ascending stairs.

There’ve been reports of people slipping on the steps, and even falling all the way down.

In a more sinister turn, some people have reported that they even felt something nudging them before their accident.

What could be on the second story that the caretaker doesn’t want you to see?

Locals say that women who enter the home are prone to being touched from something beyond the grave.

Numerous women have said that they have felt a presence press against them, or even shove them.

However, this isn’t always necessarily a bad thing.

It’s said that if a single woman is walking through the house near an eligible bachelor that would be a perfect match for her, she will get pushed in the direction of the man.

Could it be that a loving spirit is playing matchmaker from beyond the grave? One can only speculate.

Rumor has it that if you’re walking by the house at night, you can actually see a young woman in the upstairs bedroom watching you as you walk in front of the property.

Some say that she will be standing in full view, wearing a white gown, and you can’t mistake her.

Others have said that you can simply see a face peeking from around the white curtains hanging on either side of the windows.

It’s unclear who the woman in the window may be, but it’s believed among locals that the woman isn’t a malevolent spirit.

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