Beware What Lurks In The Shadows At Scotty’s Castle

Scotty’s Castle is located in Death Valley, California. Originally, it was a mansion that Walter Scott had built for himself back in 1922.

However, when he and his dog passed away in 1954 there were buried in the foothills of the building, and it’s said that his spirit never left the property, and he’s still accompanied by his beloved pet.

Beware What Lurks In The Shadows At Scotty’s Castle

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Footsteps In The Night

Updated 9/23/2019 – There has been a ton of work done at the mansion since Walter Scott’s death back in the 50’s.

In other words, a lot of workers have walked the haunted halls of Scotty’s Castle, and they left fearing for their lives.

One of the common reports is that you can hear someone walking the halls at night, but there’s no one there.

Workers have also stated that one of the most haunted rooms in the entire mansion is actually the fireplace room.

Apparently, they’ve seen a “misty” apparition that appears in this room, and then will just disappear into thin air.

People have said that when you see this apparition, you get an immense feeling of despair, and it’s just an overall eerie experience.

Located in the castle is also a grand staircase.

It’s been reported that people have actually seen someone standing at the top of the staircase.

However, when you call out to the shadow figure, it seems to disappear right before your eyes.

Could this be the same apparition that haunts the fireplace room?

Either way, if you encounter an apparition in the mansion, you should leave well enough alone.

There have been numerous reports of people being touched by these “shadowy,” figures, and it never leads to anything good.

A common complaint is that you’ll have an itching, and/or tingling sensation for the duration of your visit.

It’s said that the feeling is similar to being introduced to poison ivy.

Some people believed that this is the spirit’s way of “infecting,” you, and you could become possessed, or the spirit could follow you home.

Bark At The Moon In This Death Valley Castle

The humanoid looking creature spotted near Scotty's Castle has horns and a thousand yard stare, even when he's standing right next to you.

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As we mentioned above, Mr. Walter Scott had a pet dog that he was immensely fond of.

He was so fond of this dog that they were actually buried near each other.

It’s said that the two have even been reunited after death, and visitors have reported seeing a shadowy figure walking a dog.

This may sound like a heart-warming story of a man and his best friend, but there may be something much more sinister at work at Scotty’s Castle.

Many people have reported seeing a humanoid creature lurking around the wilderness surrounding the property.

When you ask people about this creature, you’ll discover that they have a very hard time describing how it looks.

Most people say that it looks like a cross between a human and a dog, but with horns coming out of its head.

Some people simply describe the figure as being “satanic.”

One thing’s for certain; you definitely want to stay far away from it.

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