Strange Orbs On This Brawley Street Will Force You To Question Your Sanity

While many people believe that the presence of orbs in photographs are insects, or dust particles, there are those who believe these circular balls of light are spirits.

Some of those people live in Brawley, California.

And in Brawley there is a road where orbs are a common occurrence.

Strange Orbs On This Brawley Street Will Force You To Question Your Sanity

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Updated 2/10/2020 – Some locals have witnessed unexplained lights zig-zagging down Palm Street.

A few even believe the lights have followed them in their cars.

But it seems nobody has had an experience quite like Aidan (Name changed for privacy) has.

The Paranormal Street in Brawley

“A lot of people who live in Brawley have heard that Palm Street is haunted,” he said with a nod.

“Even if you acknowledge some level of truth in that, it isn’t like you can avoid it, usually.

I had never had any paranormal experiences on it before, so I used the road whenever it was prudent.”

“Last week I had one of those nights…It was late, and I was returning home from a friend’s house.

I took Palm Street and, unlike every other time I have ever used the street, something felt…off the moment I turned on it.

I thought I was just imagining things or I was just tired, and I kept going,” he shrugged.

Out of Body Experience?

A haunted, creepy road. Who is that?

“I was about halfway down the street when all of the sudden my car started having problems.

I pulled over to the side of the empty street, and popped the hood to take a look.

As I leaned over my hood, I got this gnawing sensation in my gut that somehow I wasn’t alone.

“I looked left and right, and then I glanced down the street, and I saw this little ball of light not far off.

Now, despite knowing the rumors about Palm Street, it was early summer and I thought it might have just been a lightning bug.

So I continued to fiddle with the interior of my car,” Aidan said.

“But the feeling of being watched just kept getting stronger and stronger, and something told me to turn around again.

So I did,” he shook his head, at a loss.

“And I noticed the ball of light steadily getting closer and closer.

“I turned around to stare at it head on, and I began to notice this…electrical charge that seemed to be present in the air.

It felt like there was a current, and all of the little hairs on my arms began to stand on end.

The light floated closer and closer until I felt like it was right on top of me.

“At one point it was hovering above me, and as I looked up at it, it began to rapidly pulsate.

And that is when everything went dark,” Aidan murmured.

The next thing I remember is waking up on the sidewalk to the right of my car.

“When I looked at my cellphone in my pocket I realized that four hours had passed since I left my friend’s house.

Four hours.

But I could only recall about twenty minutes of time after I had pulled off the side of the road.

“When I got home, I found these strange cuts on my ankles and my wrists.

Most of my friends in Brawley believe I suffered some kind of epileptic seizure when I looked at the pulsating light.

But, being honest, I think that light was from some other planet….and they took me away for a while,” he whispered.