Beware The Shape-Shifting Ghost On This Old California Road

There is a local legend in El Centro, California.

Many believe that many years ago, a girl was killed on Dogwood Road.

The Legendary El Centro Car Crash

Updated 2/10/2020 – It is believed that she was involved in a car crash and never made it to the hospital.

Many El Centro residents know of this story.

But one such local, Terry (Name changed for privacy), knows of it firsthand.

“It is—as you say—a local legend, so I grew up hearing about this girl on Dogwood Road,” Terry informed us.

“Now, I had never had any paranormal experiences before ever and I never wanted to have one, so once I learned how to drive I avoided using that road at all costs.

“But during my last year of high school I was invited to this party by a cute girl, and I really wanted to go,” he admitted.

“There were two routes to get to his house, but the one that didn’t require using Dogwood was under construction that month.

“I didn’t have any choice,” he shrugged.

“As I approached the road, I just told myself I would look straight ahead, speed just a little and I would get through it.

“I had been on the road for less than a mile when I saw a female shaped figure walking on the side of the road.

I instantly got goosebumps, but the closer I got, the more I realized that I recognized the girl,” he said with a nod.

“I slowed down as I got near and I realized in shock that it was the beautiful girl that had invited me to the party.

I asked her if she needed a ride and she nodded and walked over to the passenger side.

The Pretty Passenger

“I really liked this girl, so as we drove I was talking a lot due to nerves,” Terry admitted.

“She sat there very quiet, nodding or shaking her head and laughing as a response.

I figured she had been in some kind of accident and was still in a bit of shock, hence why she was so quiet.

“I was about a quarter of a mile from turning off that wretched road when she finally spoke out loud.

’Thank you for the ride,’ she murmured.

’You are most welcome,’ I replied, trying to be charming, and I turned to glance at her.

“But she wasn’t my crush anymore… Suddenly her hair and eyes were different, her face…everything about her had transformed.

I realized in a flash that I had picked up the legendary ghost girl,” Terry said, clearly still frightened by the thought.

“I freaked out and jerked my wheel to the side.

“I narrowly escaped hitting a tree and wound up getting my car stuck in a ditch.

Hyperventilating at this point, I slowly turned to look at the ghost.

But she was gone.”

“After what felt like an hour of just sitting there, trying to calm down, I finally started up my car and managed to drive out of the ditch.

“When I got to the party I went straight to my crush and asked her if she had been on Dogwood Road,” he said.

“I just had to know for sure.”

“’No, I’ve been here for over two hours already…. why?’ the girl asked.

“I drove all around El Centro, trying to find a new route home,” Terry said.

“You couldn’t pay me to drive down that road again.”