New Discoveries: German Scientists Prove There Is Life After Death

One of the biggest unanswered questions mankind has is life after death.

Different religions and cultures have diverse beliefs on what awaits man in the afterlife.

Scientists from Germany have concluded that there is indeed life after death.

New Discoveries - German Scientists Prove There Is Life After Death

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New Discoveries: German Scientists Prove There Is Life After Death

Updated 2/10/2020 – They have experimented for over four years on 944 volunteers.

Various medications have been used in order for the body to survive after the moments of being clinically dead, up to the time of reanimation.

The drugs used include dimethyltryptamine and epinephrine.

A mixture of the said drugs and other chemicals induced a temporary comatose state on the participants.

The extended length of time of the induced coma was made possible by AutoPulse.

It is a CPR machine used to reanimate bodies which have been dead for over 40 minutes to an hour.

Of those who have had near-death experiences, there are some who say that they have experienced similar things.

In the past these experiences were believed to simply be mere hallucinations.

But according to the German scientists, thanks to new scientific discoveries, these experiences are considered evidence of life after death.

The team of scientists have combined the subjects’ testimonies, and they have observed that there is a slight variation on the claims.

New scientific discoveries point to the proof of life after death

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All of the subjects who have undergone the induced coma fully remember what happened to them and their descriptions all include feeling a similar sensation.

Most of the subjects felt as if they were floating out of their bodies, experienced a sense of contentment, security, serenity and they all saw some kind of light.

The scientists know that these new discoveries and conclusions will possibly cause an outrage from various religions because it could conflict with their beliefs on the afterlife.

However, the scientists believe that their experiment is for a greater purpose – to give clarity to one of the biggest mysteries in life.

The subjects for this experiment were a varied mix of people coming from different religions – Islam, Catholic, Hindus, Jews and there were even some who were atheists.

The evidence of the experiment points only to one conclusion – there is life after death and it is the same for all people, no matter what religion or belief that person has.