Why Does A Malicious Ghost Torment Guests At This Texas Hotel?

In 1927, a new hotel began being built in Turkey, Texas.

The two story red-brick building was nearly complete when a tornado struck the town and completely demolished the building.

Nevertheless, builder H.B. Jordan would not be deterred.

Turkey’s Haunted Bed and Breakfast in Texas

Updated 2/11/2020 – Construction resumed and Hotel Turkey was opened in November of that year.

Since then this bed and breakfast has remained open but has been owned by various people over the years.

Indeed, the only person that seems to remain constant is the spirit that lives on the 2nd floor.

“We have family that have stayed at Hotel Turkey a couple of times, on account that they have horse stalls available,” William H. explained.

“They’ve mentioned a couple of strange things, lights flickering and a ring being out of place.

“Nothing I would chalk up to any paranormal nonsense,” he huffed.

“We were passing through town and decided to stop for the night.

My wife, Vera, was very apprehensive—she’s a bit more superstitious or more apt to believe in that mumbo jumbo than myself.

“We were hours from home and I was exhausted from driving.

So I told her we would request a room on the first floor, and she’d have nothing to fuss about.

Within twenty minutes we were checked in and hauling our suitcases into Room 2.

“I was taking a shower when I heard Vera shriek from the bedroom.

I hauled my butt out and asked her what was the matter.

She said, ‘my necklace!’ and pointed to her silver cross necklace on the dresser.

“’So?’ I barked.”

‘What about it?’

“’I placed it there a moment ago and went to change…and when I turned back around it was upside down’ she said, shaking.

“If you stood over the necklace, the cross looked inverted.

“That’s what she was hollering about.

I told her she was imagining things, that she was exhausted from the road.

Eventually she calmed down and prepared to go to bed.

“Then, all of the sudden the lights started going off and on,” William said and rubbed his eyes.

“They weren’t flickering or anything like that…

“Just off and on, off and on as if someone was flipping the light switch.

Vera started to panic all over again, and I was getting pretty annoyed.

This is what my good money pays for?” he growled.

“’Stay here,’ I ordered Vera.”

‘Billy, don’t you dare leave me in this room!’ my wife yelled back.

‘I’ve got to, I gotta tell the innkeeper so we can get some blasted sleep!’

Lord knows we needed it,” added William.

You Can Try to Sleep…

“I remember the woman mentioning that she stayed in one of the upstairs room when she had guests, should they ever need anything.

So I opened our door and walked into the hallway.

I got about ten feet in front of the staircase when I saw him.”

What did you see?

“There was a man, a translucent man, standing on the landing.

I couldn’t see his face in the dark, but he was turned toward me.

Somehow I knew he was looking right at me.

“He looked to have a long coat on, or maybe a dressing gown.

Even if I couldn’t have seen through him, I woulda known he wasn’t just another checked in guest!” William cried.

“Not a live one, anyway…

“I scurried back to our room and told Vera the innkeeper didn’t answer the door.

Next time I pass through Turkey, I will get a coffee and keep on driving.”