The Beaches In Key West Are Filled With Ghoulish Corpses That Will Terrify You

When Jake’s (Names changed for privacy) girlfriend told him that she and her friends were going to enjoy the many beaches of Key West, he had kissed her and wished her to have a good time.

“Hailey is a nurse and she works incredibly hard at her job.

When we realized I didn’t have any vacation time left last year, I told her to take a trip without me, that she had deserved it,” Jake informed us.

Fun with Friends in Key West

Updated 2/10/2020 – “At first, she would call me every night, excitedly telling me about the places they had gone and the amazing food they had eaten while they were there.

She sounded really happy, really upbeat.

On their third day she informed me that they were visiting three beaches and would call me when they got back to the hotel that night.

“When night came and went and I didn’t hear from her I was a little disappointed but not altogether concerned,” he shrugged.

“I figured she had probably had too much to drink and had fallen asleep early.

But when I called her the next morning, it felt like I was talking to a different person altogether.

“It sounded like Hailey, but she was subdued, and her voice was shaky.

If you had asked me, I would have said that she sounded frightened.

When I pressed her about what was going on, she erupted into tears and told me that something paranormal had happened to her while at Smathers Beach.

I saw a little girl there,’ she had whispered into the phone.

‘The little girl seemed all alone, so I slowly went up to her and asked where her parents were.

The girl told me that they were dead…just like her.

‘The entire encounter gave me the heebie jeebies, so I returned to my friends and tried to forget the whole thing.

But when we ventured to South Beach an hour later, I saw the same exact girl standing by the shore, watching me,’ Hailey told me.

‘Everything I glanced her way, she would give me this really creepy smile, like she knew she was frightening me and she liked it.

‘I wanted to return to the hotel, but my friends wanted to stay on the beach, so I begged them to move on to our next destination, which was Higgs Beach.

The moment we got there, I looked everywhere to make sure the little girl hadn’t followed us, but I didn’t see her anywhere in the crowd.

I finally started to relax and enjoy myself when a piece of white cloth caught my eye, bobbing a few feet into the ocean.

Death in the Water

‘I walked closer to the shore to see what it was and saw with horror that it was the same dead girl, floating with her face peering up out of the water.

The white cloth was her dress billowing in and out with the current.’

Hailey started to sob at this point, and I urged her to cut her trip short and come home.

“Most people visit beaches in Key West and have a great time, but that trip took a harsh toll on my girlfriend,” Jake said.