Terror In Florida: Is A Dead Girl Back From The Grave?

There are many legends that center around the state of Florida…and the unassuming town of Graceville has one of the creepiest ones by far.

The story goes that there once was a little girl in town who had a horrible habit of sleepwalking at night.

Her parents did their best to keep her safely in the house, but the little girl always found a way to sneak out and wander the streets of Graceville.

The Little Ghost Girl

Updated 2/10/2020 – On one particular night, the little girl ventured quite far until she came upon the Graceville Bridge.

She stood in the center of the bridge in her catatonic state when a drunk driver swerved onto the bridge and ran the girl over.

Terrified of going to prison, the driver sped on, and the girl died on the bridge within minutes.

Her parents were, naturally, devastated.

But nothing prepared them when townsfolk began to claim that they had seen the ghost of their little girl, wandering alone on the bridge late at night.

Years passed, and the story of the ghost girl became no longer factual but legendary.

Dave, a paranormal investigator from a neighboring town, caught wind of the legend and decided to visit Graceville.

“There are a lot of stories based off of rumors and idle gossip,” Dave reasoned.

“Often times I don’t put any merit or time into them, but Graceville was only a twenty minute drive away.

“I figured it wouldn’t hurt to at least check it out.

I believe in the witching hour, so I waited until 2:30 AM before I made the drive to Graceville,” he recalled.

“I located the bridge and I parked off the side of the road leading up to it.

Terror on Graceville Bridge

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“The day had been filled with rain, but was warm, so I wasn’t surprised to see that it was quite foggy out.

I started to walk towards the bridge, and I thought I saw the figure of someone small, standing through the mist,” Dave said, frowning.

“As I continued to walk, the figure seemed to dissolve to the point where I was questioning whether or not I was seeing things.

“I brought out my camera and snapped a couple of photos.

As I made it to the center of the bridge, I suddenly began to feel light headed and nauseous.

I grabbed onto the railing and tried to steady myself.

“I shut my eyes for several moments and when I opened them again, I felt much better.

I tried to step back from the railing, when I noticed my pant leg was caught on something,” he said, gesturing down at his leg.

“I looked down and was shocked to see a pale, ghostly hand holding onto my jeans!

“The hand was about the size of a child’s but it had a supernatural grip, and I knew in the back of my mind that it wasn’t an ordinary living person who had a hold on me.

I cried out and tried to shake the hand off, but it had a vice grip.

It started crawling up my leg, and I shut my eyes and began screaming I was so terrified.

“The next thing I know I was being shaken away by a police officer,” Dave said, running a hand through his hair.

“The officer told me that someone had taken her dog out for a walk and saw me clutch at the railing before passing out.

I’m convinced that Graceville bridge truly is a paranormal hot spot.”