A Frightening Terror Haunts This B&B in Calistoga

Many Americans travel to Calistoga, California throughout the year, visiting family, friends, or to have a laid back vacation under the California sun.

As a result of tourism, Calistoga has many hotels and bed and breakfasts for impending guests.

The Elms Bed and Breakfast was once among them.

A Frightening Terror Haunts This B&B in Calistoga

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A Calistoga Haunting

Updated 9/23/2019 – This once charming B&B is now out of business, but at one time many locals claimed it was haunted.

It all began when a California psychic, who is also a gifted Tarot reader, came to stay and was woken up by a spirit in the middle of the night.

She believed the ghost was Ruby, a woman who once worked as a servant at The Elms.

Ruby woke the psychic up from a deep slumber and commanded that she leave the property.

It is believed that the psychic told a local paper about the incident.

As a result, The Elms became known not for its accommodations, but for its paranormal activity.

Ghost hunters flocked to The Elms, hoping to capture evidence of the supernatural.

Many of them reported having unparalleled issues with their electronics while in the bed and breakfast.

What might have once been lucrative footage of the hauntings were lost due to battery issues, circuitry issues, and more.

For Calistoga resident, Jordan (name changed by request), The Elms was not a paranormal hotspot, but a much needed place to crash for the night.

Having discovered that her live-in boyfriend was not faithful to her, Jordan grabbed some of her personal belongings and decided to check into The Elms for the night while her boyfriend packed up his things.

The hauntings of the hotel were the furthest thing from her mind.

“I was so upset, so angry that you probably could have told me that a person had been murdered in my room, and I wouldn’t have cared at the time,” she recalled with a bitter smile.

“Of course, that’s easier to say than to experience…and I never imagined that anything would happen to me while I stayed at The Elms.

I just needed a place to sleep and that was that.”

Eerie Chants…

She looked like some kind of priestess, but definitely not want you’d see in a church that follows the Lord


“At first nothing seemed unusual.

I took a shower, watched a movie, crawled into bed…but right as I started drifted off to sleep I thought I heard a woman chanting right inside my room.

It sounded almost as if she were casting a spell or something,” she shrugged.

“I finally drifted off to sleep, despite the chanting.

That night I dreamt of a woman who was in my hotel room with me.

She had this long beautiful gown on, and was whispering enchantments while she stared at me.

“She looked like some kind of priestess, but definitely not want you’d see in a church that follows the Lord.

My dream self grew scared as she slowly approached my bed and took out a small glass dagger.

She bent down and began cutting off a large lock of my hair, and she smiled at me viciously as she did so,” Jordan said, with a shiver.

“The next morning I woke up in a sea of cold sweat.

I was so grateful that it had just been a dream, that I was safe.

But when I went to brush my teeth in the bathroom, I saw a huge chunk of my hair missing.

“It could have been that I caught it on something…but it just wasn’t likely.

As soon as I saw my hacked off hair, I knew that it hadn’t been a dream, and that that ghostly woman—that witch—really had visited me in the middle of the night.

I still live in Calistoga, but I avoid that building now at all costs.”