The Nightly Visitors of Magic Mountain

Nestled in the small town of Valencia in Southern California, Six Flags Magic Mountain has been known for having some of the most thrilling rides on the West Coast.

Stretched over 262 acres, it has been entertaining generations since it opened in 1971.

Many of its visitors have remained faithful to it, in both life and death.

The Nightly Visitors of Magic Mountain

AJ Latteri/flickr

Updated 2/10/2020 – Yes; come nightfall, spirits roam Magic Mountain, scaring workers as they prepare to leave.

The Boy in a Striped Shirt

Ghost boy at Six Flags

Photo credit: flickr/88487233@N03

Many have witnessed the ghost of a young child in a striped shirt near the wooden roller coaster Colossus.

He’s mainly seen running under the support structure beneath its tracks.

Interestingly, his appearance is linked to the sound of the lift chain pulling the coaster up.

However, the ride has been shut for the night by then, making the sound a mystery.

The Part-Timer

Screaming Girl

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While riding the roller coaster Revolution, many have heard the hysteric screams of a woman.

While she hasn’t been seen, workers believe that the screamer is a part-time employee who was killed while crossing the tracks of the ride back in 1996.

The worker was struck by the train as it returned to the station, flying beneath the coaster and dying from major injuries.

Goliath’s Ghost

Ghost woman at Six Flags in California

Photo credit: flickr/liiitza

The mega coaster Goliath is perceived to be haunted by a 28-year-old woman who died of a brain aneurysm back in June 2001.

After the park closes down at night, she expresses her presence by calling the security office from the ride and scares the guards by responding with static once they pick up.

The guards investigated this once, but there was no one around when they reached Goliath.

They did report feeling uneasy back then, which is why they left quickly and never came back.

In addition to these three, current workers have reported encountering several ghosts.

Keanna Brandy who was employed there in 2011 once commented, “I have family in the entertainment department.

Due to different circumstances throughout the year, sometimes entertainment must do their costume changes in the Magic Moments theater.

On more than one occasion, the employees report back to the office freaked out because they’ve seen the ghost that lives inside of the theater.

I work in games.

I heard one about Center Ring Games online though I’ve had no experience with it about a woman who worked in CR for many years.

She loved it so much that when she died, she came back and haunts the area.”

“The last one is in Cyclone Bay,” she continued.

“I have many friends who work in the Games there.

Supposedly, after nightfall when the guests have all left, a little boy appears underneath the tarp to the basketball game.

He seems to be reaching under trying to retrieve his ball.

On more than one occasion, different employees reported that a basketball appeared underneath the game after a sighting even though they had already put all of the basketballs away.

On one occasion, the boy was seen by a security guard.

The security guard yelled at the boy and told him he wasn’t allowed to be there and that the park was closed.

As far as he knew, the boy was ignoring him, so he walked closer to the game then crouched down so that he could talk to the boy face to face only to realize that the boy had disappeared.

A Games Attendant was there.

The security guard asked what had happened to the little boy, the attendant told him that the little boy is seen quite often and is a ghost.

Needless to say, the security officer hurriedly made his way away.

He was a tad freaked out haha.”

So, if you see or hear anything out of the ordinary the next time you’re late at Magic Mountain in Valencia, don’t worry.

The ghosts there are having fun just like you.