The Ghosts That Haunt Castle Park Have Blood Coming Out Of Their Mouths

If you happen to be in Riverside, California this summer – and you’re the type of person who enjoys going to theme parks – you might want to check out Castle Park.

Here you can check out things like the Castle Park Railroad, the Fireball, and the Screamin’ Demon.

The Ghosts That Haunt Castle Park Have Blood Coming Out Of Their Mouths

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Updated 2/10/2020 – Speaking of which: you might just want to bring a friend along if you happen to be going at night, because you will quite possibly run into one or more of the dark spirits which are said to haunt the place.

Dark Spirits May Haunt Castle Park in Riverside

“I went there with my friend Todd last summer,” says Angie – a resident of Riverside and a fan of the park, “and we almost literally bumped into the ghosts or demons or whatever they are.”

How did this happen?

“We went on a couple of rides and got some stuff to eat, then we decided to walk around for a while.

“The sun was going down right about that time, and we thought we’d go over and see the railroad tracks before coming back to maybe ride some more rides.

“When we stepped around a corner and were walking toward the tracks, these two things just came up out of nowhere.

“I mean literally nowhere; it was like they just rose up out of the ground.”

What did they look like?

“They looked like they weren’t human; like their skin was made out of alabaster, and their eyes were made out of oily charcoal.

It was terrifying.”

They Have Pale Skin and Black Eyes

The Ghosts That Haunt Castle Park Have Blood Coming Out Of Their Mouths

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“Todd and I both turned to run away, but then they just disappeared from where they had been standing and reappeared in front of us again.

“I don’t remember if I screamed, or if Todd did for that matter; we sort of just stood there, frozen to the spot.”

And what did the apparitions do?

“Nothing, at first.

They just stood there looking at us, tilting their heads to the side here and there as if they were trying to figure out what we were.

“It took me a really long time – a very strangely long time – to notice that there was blood around their mouths.”


“Their mouths were soaked with it.

“Once I noticed that, I did scream, for sure; I threw up my hands and turned to run away.

“Todd was right behind me, and as we ran away we turned to look back – you know, to see if they were following us I guess.”

And were they following you?

“No, that was the strange thing.

“Once we broke the silence and ran, they both just lifted their arms into the sky and began to shriek.

“Then, out of nowhere again, fire just leaped up out of the ground and consumed them; and then they were gone.

“I don’t know what was in that park that night, but I can tell you that I haven’t been back since.”

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