Is This Amazing Footage of Proven Psychic Energy?

We believe in superpowers when we’re kids.

When we get older we put aside notions that people can actually move things with their mind or light things on fire.

But what if powers, particularly psychic energy, were real?

Proof of Real Psychic Energy?

Mysterious Man

Updated 2/10/2020 – If you’re skeptical about humans possessing these strange abilities, you might want to check out the paranormal video below.

It is an excerpt from a television program that aired years ago that details a British film crew capturing real life footage of a possible person with psychic powers.

The excerpt appears to be taken directly from a documentary and doesn’t seem to altered like so many youtube videos of past.

The beginning finds two British filmmakers attempt to interview the mysterious man with psychic energy.

The man, who they call DJ, eventually agrees to try and “heal” one of the brothers’ bad eye.

In the process some striking footage is captured including DJ lighting a newspaper on fire with nothing but his bare hands, which he explains is energy flowing through his “chi.”

Afterwards it is revealed that DJ grew quite angry when he found out the brothers filmed the fire starting and refused to talk to either of them.

Ten years later one of the brothers is now dead and the second again takes his filming crew to the mysterious man when he agrees to be filmed.

This time the British filmmaker brings along scientists who are skeptical of DJ’s powers to say the least.

They quickly become believers however as they put the man through several tests.

DJ is able to electrically shock anyone who is touching him on command, and can somehow light a light-bulb with just his fingertips.

Alas, DJ again becomes adamant about the supposed secrecy of his techniques.

He states that his master had shown him this psychic energy with the promise that he never reveal it to the world and use it to show off.

In the video DJ does both.

The source of DJ’s energy is supposedly his mediation, which grants him control over the ying and yang; the push and pull of energy.

Even if you are a skeptic of real psychic powers existing, this video of this remarkable mind might make you a believer.