Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel – A True American Horror Story

‘American Horror Story: Hotel’ has opened many people’s eyes to the fact that hotels can have unseen guests sharing their rooms and possibly waiting for the right moment to reveal themselves or unleash their wrath.

California especially seems to have the most haunted hotels in the continent, many of which have dark histories that makes ghost hauntings a trifle.

Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel - A True American Horror Story

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Updated 2/10/2020 – The haunted Cecil Hotel (now the Stay on Main), for instance, was home to many serial killers and murderers who terrorized the whole nation.

If reading these lines brings a chill down your spine, wait till you discover what goes bump in the night at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel.

A four-star hotel, the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel is one of the upper scale hotels in Los Angeles.

Named after President Teddy Roosevelt, it was the favorite stay of many stars, including Clark Gable, Charlie Chaplin, and Carol Lombard.

Two stars who loved the hotel so much they decided stay in it after their death as well are Marilyn Monroe and Montgomery Clift.

Marilyn continues staying in her old suite 1200, appearing in the mirror there to unsuspecting guests.

Marilyn Monroe sitting down

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According to Hollywood psychics, her spirit also moves around in the hotel’s mirrors, showing up as a sad blonde woman behind the person peering in them.

As for Montgomery, whose performance in ‘From Here to Hell’ won him an Academy Award Nomination for Best Actor, his spirit is most active in room 928 and the hallway outside.

Preferring to remain invisible, he tends to practice the trumpet, brush against people, and even prevent people from moving while lying on the room’s bed.

However, he can appear as a shadowy apparition pacing the hallways or watching the residents of his old room.

Montgomery Clift and Marilyn Monroe

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Celebrity ghosts aside, the Roosevelt Hotel is home to a five-year-old spirit named Caroline who constantly looks for her mother.

There are also two male spirits in The Blossom Ballroom; the first is believed to be the ghost of someone who attended one of the Academy Awards banquets in hopes of winning an award.

As for the second, he’s an entertainer who tends to play the piano there.

There are also other entities who like playing tricks such as locking guests out of their rooms and making sounds like stomping boots.

If you choose to stay at the Roosevelt, remember not to look for trouble as some ghosts may not be as carefree or happy as those mentioned here.