The Ghost of A Small Boy Still Haunts This Thousand Oaks University

Welcome to California Lutheran University in Thousand Oaks, home of Mount Clef Hall, a multi-level dormitory that has served as home to students of the university for decades, during their matriculation years.

It is also quite probably haunted.

The Ghost of A Small Boy Still Haunts This Thousand Oaks University

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Mount Clef Hall in Thousand Oaks Is Quite Likely The Site Of A Haunting

Updated 2/10/2020 – According to local stories told among the college students – and even some of the faculty – the dormitory is built over what was, at one time anyway, a graveyard.

From this graveyard has emerged – if the stories are to be believed – the ghost of a small boy, who wanders the halls and has a tendency to move things around in the night as it suits him.

“Everyone thinks he’s harmless,” says one student, who graduated two years ago and has stated that he would never set foot into the hall again.

“But those people either never actually encountered the ghost that lives on 300, or they just never got too close to him.”

I ask this student to describe the behavior of this ghost.

“He’s a little boy,” the student says.

“And everyone always thinks that someone like that will just do cute stuff.

“Like, I’m sure that you’ve heard the stories everyone tells about how they woke up and their pillows were across the room, or some cute shit like that.”

I nod.

I have indeed heard this.

“Well, that’s not the kind of stuff I’m talking about,” he says.

“I’m talking more along the lines of, if this little guy had the ability to do it, he would have killed me and my roommate.

The Murderous Ghost Of A Little Boy

The Ghost of A Small Boy Still Haunts This Thousand Oaks University

Photo credit: tumblr/vickyveiled

“It was September of ’12, I think, when it happened.

“I’d ask my roommate about it, but he doesn’t talk to me anymore – that’s a separate issue for another conversation.

“Anyway, we were playing Call of Duty one night until deep, deep into the morning, and I was getting my ass handed to me as usual.

“All of a sudden, out of nowhere, this kid’s face just appears in the reflection on the TV.

“It took me a moment, you know, to sort of register him, that he was behind us and not part of the game.

“When I did, I must have gasped a little or something, because both of us turned around to face him.

“There he was, translucent and awful, his eyes narrowed at us.

He opened his mouth and shrieked at us, and then charged.

“We had nowhere to run, but we were screaming and crying instantly.

“This thing ran at us and began swiping the air with his hands, which had sort of molded into long sharp claws.

“At the last moment, right as he got to us, he literally ran right through us and into the TV, and then disappeared.

“We were so freaked out we slept with the lights on in the dorm for, like, three weeks or something.

“It was absolutely hands down the scariest experience of my life.”

Was it the last time you saw him?

“No. I still have the TV, and every once in a while…

I still see his reflection.”

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