The Evil Residing in Ramona Convent School

Founded to educate well-rounded young women with spiritual depth, personal grace, and moral strength, Ramona Convent School welcomed its first batch of scholars in 1889.

The private Catholic school in Alhambra, California has graduated over 8,300 students over the years and flaunts a strong program that goes beyond academics to teach girls about culture and service.

The Evil Residing in Ramona Convent School

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The Evil Residing in Ramona Convent  School

Updated 2/10/2020 – While the 19-acre property seems cheerful and downright serene, Ramona Convent School is home to numerous entities, many of which don’t believe in turning the other cheek.

The White Nun

The white nun terrorizes students at Ramona Convent School

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Several students have reported seeing The White Nun on campus.

However, the nun in a white habit is mainly seen floating around the school library, which is why Ramona Convent School is known for its haunted library.

She can also be seen during freshmen orientation sessions, watching over the new students.

Luckily, this entity doesn’t harm the students.

Therefore, they have grown accustomed to her over the years.

The Ghostly Pianist

Ghostly Pianist

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Students in the main building have often heard piano notes playing despite no one being there.

However, the ghostly pianist is yet to allow students or visitors to see them.

Moreover, there aren’t any records that could help identify this entity.

As the school tends to keep curious paranormal enthusiasts away as well, no one has made contact with the pianist yet.

The Drowned Ghost

Several students at the Ramona Convent School reported someone underwater grabbing their legs or tugging at their clothes

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This entity has become infamous as it’s one of the darker ones residing in Ramona Convent Secondary School.

A student tragically drowned in the school’s pool, causing them to be too restless to move on.

This, in turn, has caused the ghost to succumb to negativity and lash out on the students using the pool.

Several students reported someone underwater grabbing their legs or tugging at their clothes.

As the stories spread throughout the school, many fear going near the pool let alone swim in it.

Now you may scoff at these three entities believing that they’re not as dangerous as half the other ghosts and creatures we covered in our posts.

However, ask any student at Ramona Convent Secondary School and they’ll share the reality they face and school officials would prefer to hide.