Waterfront Comics: The Most Haunted Place in Suisun City?

If you were into nerd things before it was cool to be a nerd you already know this: The ultimate destination vacation of the geeky among us is and has always been the comic book store.

Waterfront Comics: The Most Haunted Place in Suisun City?

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Updated 9/23/2019 – If you need to be told what this is, then you haven’t watched enough episodes of The Big Bang Theory yet! haha

While most comic book stores are only haunted by the slumped ghosts of adolescent hopes of popularity and daydreams of multiple successful sexual encounters, some of them – it seems – are haunted by actual ghosts.

Welcome to the Waterfront Comic Store, in sunny Suisun City, California.

The Most Haunted Place in Suisun City?

Resting, as it were, in a historic building, this business is chock-full of the kind of terror that you normally only find between the pages of the books that it sells.

The resident ghost (if there is only one) is fittingly an adolescent boy by the name of Robert, and he keeps a vigilant – if frightening – watch over the goings-on in the store.

Ever since he was – according to urban legend – strangled for coming across something he wasn’t meant to see, Robert wanders up and down the aisles, passing rows and rows of comic books, and scaring the few people who are unlucky enough to come across him.

Robert: Paranormal Entity Inhabiting Your Local Comic Shop

The resident ghost of the Waterfront Comics Store is a boy named Robert, and he keeps a frightening watch over the goings-on in the Suisun City store...

“I thought he was just someone dressing for Halloween out of season,” says Jay, a thirty-four year-old patron of the comic store.

“I mean, you see that sort of thing all the time.

But when I got a good look at him down the aisle, I could tell that…well, you know…he wasn’t really there.

“I mean, he was see-through.

And besides that, he was…”

Jay pauses frequently during his description.

Sometimes it looks as though he is afraid, and sometimes it looks as though he is going to vomit.

“I mean…he was so decayed that he couldn’t have just been in makeup, and he couldn’t have been alive.”

Indeed, it seems that Robert must have spent a long time being dead before his spirit decided to leave the image of its body behind.

Most of the witnesses who have seen him roaming around the store describe him as being in various stages of extreme decay.

This may account for the frightening looks of “anger” he gives them, although it could just be that he is an angry spirit, bent on revenge for his death.

“Even on the occasions when I don’t see him,” says Adelaide – a psychic who has lived in the Suisun area for many years, and is a long-time customer of the shop, “he keeps the place cold pretty regularly.

“You can go in there, especially on a night right around closing time, and the whole place will be just freezing.

“When you feel that, it’s sometimes a good indicator that you’re going to see Robert coming around a corner.

“I hate to say this, because I’ve seen a lot of spirits and I ought to be used to it by now, but he’s actually very creepy.”

When asked what she means by this, she shrugs.

“You just sort of get the impression that whatever reason he was killed, maybe he had it coming.”

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