Mendocino Hotel: Scariest Haunted Place To Stay In California?

The Mendocino Hotel was erected in 1878, and was restored in the mid 1970’s.

The beautiful surroundings, the hotel architecture, and the history of the land make this one of the most majestic hotels in Northern California.

This was actually the very first location in the area in which lumber was actively harvested.

Mendocino Hotel: Scariest Haunted Place To Stay In California?

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Updated 9/19/2019 – The lumber that was harvested in this area was primarily used in the development of San Francisco, as the city began to boom courtesy of the gold rush.

Unfortunately, in 1936, the lumber mill closed its doors.

Since this was the business that brought life to the town, things began to slow down to a crawl in the town of Mendocino.

For decades, the town was on the edge of becoming a ghost town, but the 1960’s saw the town return to its old form, as an increase in creative and independents came to the town.

Bill and Jennie Zacha established the Mendocino Art Center, which shortly grew into a thriving community for artists.

If you’d like to view exhibits, demonstrations, and/or take comes classes, the Mendocino Art Center is the place to do it.

Mendocino is also known for performing arts, such as music and theater, as well.

For instance, there are two local operas, a symphony, theatrical company, and a slew of performers, as well.

But don’t let the idyllic surroundings and history fool you.

Because if you’re looking for both the best hotel in Mendocino and the most haunted…you’ve found it.

One of the most haunted hotels in California

Rumor has it that the hotel rooms are haunted by a succubus that preys on men while they sleep...

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As time went by, it’s no secret that the Mendocino Hotel, known today as the Mendocino Hotel and Garden Suites, eventually became a brothel, which lends itself to the next bit of information we’ve gathered from the locals.

Have you ever had one of those nights when you’re laying in bed, and it feels like someone is staring at you while you’re asleep?

Have you ever woken up at night, feeling as if someone was in the same room as you, and they’re not taking their eyes off of you?

A lot of people report that very feeling when they stay at the Mendocino Hotel for a night (though some claim it only happens on the second night of their stay).

Women have said that they feel like someone is watching them, and it makes them feel extremely uneasy.

Men, on the other hand, report the feeling of being watched, but there’s no reports of feeling uneasy.

Instead, they report feeling the exact opposite – as if the entity is very inviting, and doesn’t want them to leave the room – or their company.

One of the many haunted rooms of the Mendocino Hotel

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Some men have even reported that they felt as if they had been touched inappropriately by something.

At first, they wake up, thinking their wife or significant other is touching them, but only to find out that their partner is fast asleep beside of them.

Rumor has it that the hotel rooms are haunted by a succubus that preys on men while they sleep.

It’s also believed that if you’re a female, the succubus gets jealous, and wants you to leave the room, and the hotel altogether.

Locals believe that this succubus comes from the time when the hotel served as a brothel, and the succubus is now lonely – looking for men that can keep her company for the night.

The Ghost in the Mirror

The most common ghost sighting in the hotel is that of a beautiful woman believed to be from the Victorian era.

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If you speak with locals, you’ll find out rather quickly that the most common sighting in the hotel is that of a beautiful woman believed to be from the Victorian era.

Apparently, this woman is quite fond of eating with the guests at the hotel, especially if you’re dining at table six or table eight.

Also, it’s been reported numerous times that while walking by a mirror, guests will see the brief reflection of the Victorian woman staring back at them.

Upon looking a second time, the face will have disappeared from the mirror.

It’s also highly advised that you keep a flashlight, or a cell phone on you that can act as a light.

This ghost woman is quite fond of eating with the guests at the hotel, especially if you’re dining at table six or table eight...

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The ghost has been reported to love going into the guest’s bedroom and moving things about, as well as turning the lights on and off.

This is especially true when people are in the bathroom, all alone.

In addition to a light, it’s also advised that you light some candles while in the bathroom.

If the lights go out while you’re showering or taking a relaxing bath, you could put yourself in harm’s way when trying to navigate the dark room.

Night terrors and haunted places

There have been scattered rumors of ghostly-figures in the area surrounding the man's (d. 1982) old shop...

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One day the owner of a local tourist trap saw a teenage girl outside his shop.

He waited for her to come in, but she just stood outside, dancing.

An hour passed, and when the man checked outside, the girl had finally left.

Over the next few days, the man slept easy nights, believing nothing had been disturbed after a quick once-over.

Then one night he found the antique axe decorating his sign was missing, and on the ground next to the entrance, a burlap sack once filled with hay had been disturbed.

He turned the sack around to inspect it, and found a red spot hidden from view.

The teenage girl’s head was inside.

Since then, there have been scattered rumors of ghostly-figures in the area surrounding the man’s (d. 1982) old shop.

Eyewitnesses say they've seen an apparition skulking along the local cliffs...

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Eyewitnesses say they’ve seen an apparition skulking along the local cliffs, and its clothing (when seen) matches the shop owner’s description of the teenage girl’s dress.

Guests have reported looking out their windows at night, seeing a figure in a dress standing at the edge, unaccompanied.

After a brief moment, the figure vanishes into the rock crevices.

It’s been said that the figure may even try to wave you out to the edge, luring innocent folk to their doom, under the presumption that it’s someone lost, or injured.

However, it’s been stated by locals that you never venture to the cliffs after dark.

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