This Spirit’s Neverending Trip Home Stops in Julian

The valley of Vallecito used to provide welcome respite to those who traveled through the inhospitable Colorado Desert near Julian, a trip that was historically dubbed “The Journey of Death”.

This Spirit's Neverending Trip Home Stops in Julian

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Updated 2/10/2020 – Unfortunately for anyone seeking sanctuary now, the haunted Vallecito Stage Station County Park is plagued by ghosts who lost their lives to the area, and these spirits aren’t known for being helpful.

A Broken Woman Grieves Forever

A weakly woman who was travelling to Sacramento to see her fiance died tragically at Julian’s Vallecito Stage Station County Park in the mid 1800s before she could ever make it home.

She can still be seen wandering the area, dressed in her wedding gown, crying out for the love she lost.

Rumor has it that the chronically sick woman was returning from a hospital visit to see her beau in Sacramento, who had recently gained good fortune in the Sierra goldfields.

The stress of the trip combined with the impending excitement of seeing her fiance proved too much for her, and she passed away.

Train staff buried her in an unmarked grave near the old stage station.

They dressed her as elegantly as possible and honored her memory as best they could by burying her in her pure, white wedding dress.

Now the bride is stuck haunting the area where her body was buried.

Some say she is still desperate to find her way back to Sacramento.

Visitors to this part of Julian have described their experience encountering the woman in white as “heartbreaking” and “tragic”.

Her face looks dried and cracked, but also soft like porcelain at the same time. She's stuck in Julian forever.

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No one can withstand her presence without being overwhelmed by inexplicable melancholy.

One man reports that after a close encounter with the woman in white, he had to duck away to a nearby bathroom to sob.

Her pain is so intense it infects everyone who comes near her.

Other Ghost Sightings in Julian’s Vallecito Stage Station County Park

As an historic landmark, Vallecito Stage Station County Park is a popular tourism destination for supernatural enthusiasts.

Local legend tells of a phantom stagecoach that haunts the Carizzo Wash area of Julian.

According to hearsay about the stagecoach, it was jumped by bandits who killed the driver and stole all the money on the coach.

Startled mules dragged the empty coach out to nowhere with the dead driver still on board.

Many locals report having seen a phantom stagecoach driven by a glowing white specter when they’re out too late in the Carizzo Wash area.

More mysterious than either of these hauntings are the ghost orbs that have bobbed over nearby Oriflamme Mountain for over 100 years.

Some witnesses believe these orbs are lost spirits in the afterlife, and the route to Heaven or Hell, or wherever death takes its victims, is over Oriflamme mountain.

Perhaps someday the orbs will finally get the chance to claim the phantom stagecoach driver or the woman in white.

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