A Myriad of Horrors Haunt This Old Texas Cemetery

The local cemetery in Slaton, Texas has developed a bizarre reputation during the last few years.

Beyond its historical significance, its been said that the cemetery has been home to a lot of paranormal activity.

A Myriad of Horrors Haunt This Old Texas Cemetery

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Updated 2/11/2020 – Many Slaton residents who have come to the cemetery to visit loved ones have reported a strange floating light that hovers around the cemetery.

Terror Beyond the Blue Light

This light has become so popular and so frequently seen that the Slaton Cemetery has now earned the nickname of the “Blue Light Cemetery.”

But rumor has it that there have been other incidences at Slaton, and some of them are far and beyond more horrific than an unexplained blue light.

“My best friend had just started dating Josh,” Ashley informed us.

“That means nothing to anyone outside my school,” she shrugged.

“But everyone knew that Tiffany had had a crush on him, for like, ever.

“Josh was kind of your cliché bad boy, though.

“And Tiffany’s dad did NOT approve of him in the slightest,” she said with wide eyes.

“Slaton isn’t that big of a town.

“So when he caught wind that they were dating, he started going around the entire town, trying to keep tabs on them.

“So Tiffany and Josh started going to the only place she knew her father wouldn’t think to look for them—Slaton Cemetery.

Frozen Death in Slaton

“She would wait until her family was asleep and sneak out her window.

“He would wait in his car at the end of the street and they’d peel off to Slaton to make out.

“This happened almost every night for a month without incident,” Ashley nodded.

“Then one night she calls me really late.

“I was still half asleep when I answerd.


“’Ash, thank God, I am so freaking scared,’ Tiffany breathed into the phone.

‘What? What are you talking about?’

“’There’s something here, something not right,’ she told me, and there was sheer panic in her voice.

‘Tiff, just slow down, tell me where you are.’

“But then her phone went dead.

“I called it over and over again, but it kept going straight to voicemail.

“I paced my room, trying to think of what to do, where she might be,” Ashley said, nervously twirling her hair as she relived the memory.

“Should I have called her parents?

“But what if it was some stupid practical joke?

“Josh was known to pull those—and she would have never forgiven me if I let her dad in on her secrets.”

“Finally, I decided to go to bed and try to call her again first thing in the morning.

“But she never made it home.

“I decided to go to Slaton Cemetery to see if she was there.

“As soon as I got there, I saw Josh’s car parked near the back.

“As soon as I walked up to the car, I saw that it was empty.

The frozen face of a young lover who had their life ended prematurely.

Photo credit: blog.1000lostchildren.com

“I started to feel sheer terror overcoming me.

I had a vision in my mind of a both of them, screaming in fear.

Their faces looked warped.

“They just disappeared.

People say they ran away so they could be together without judgement from her father, but I’m worried it was something much worse.

“Everyone I know calls it the biggest mystery in Slaton…

“But all I know is that something indescribably evil happened that night.”

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