9 Haunted Parks In Texas Where People See Real-Life Ghosts

The National and State parks in Texas offer a wide variety of fun things to do and see, along with breathtaking scenery, wildlife and historical sites.

While visitors travel in droves every year, the hidden stories about the many hauntings going on don’t seem to be turning people away.

9 Haunted Parks In Texas Where People See Real-Life Ghosts

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Updated 2/11/2020 – However, many who do encounter the creepy entities, scary paranormal activity and evil spirits think twice before ever returning.

Some swear that it’s too risky to visit these locations on your own and say that even having a group with you won’t protect you from the nefarious intentions of the dark beings lurking here.

Explore These 9 State Parks in Texas at Your Own Risk

9) Balmorhea State Park – Toyahvale

Balmorhea State Park – Toyahvale


Some say that there are evil spirits in the canals, who only come out after twilight falls, dragging their wet bodies around in search of human bodies to possess.

Locals say that these entities are the lost souls of suicide victims who only want a second chance, so they try to take over the living who dare to get close enough.

According to popular psychic in the area, it allegedly starts with an insatiable thirst, making visitors gravitate towards the canals.

That’s when the spirits strike.

One man reported a sense of doom when he saw one of them close up – skinny arms outstretched and eyes so wide they looked like bottomless pits.

His girlfriend dragged him away just in time.

8) Abilene State Park – Tuscola

Abilene State Park – Tuscola


Visitors who spend time at the camping grounds report strange activity after dark.

One witness does his best to put it into words, by retelling his harrowing experience.

He advises that he was in his tent after midnight in November 2014 when he heard light thuds on the ground and creepy shrieks and grunts.

Thinking that the wildlife was getting close to his tent, he peered out and was shocked to see odd apparitions of semi-naked people scrambling around on all fours.

When he shone his flashlight on them, they disappeared.

Locals say they are the spirits of a feral cult who committed mass suicide many years ago.

7) Lake Meredith National Recreation Area – Fritch

Lake Meredith National Recreation Area – Fritch


Considered one of the most beautiful National Parks in Texas, it is said that the red soil on the breaks near Cedar Canyon can be seen dripping blood on the Full Moon.

While locals are at a loss as to what’s going on, some believe the blood comes from the Native Americans slain and buried after a long battle.

Two campers report that they were celebrating a friend’s birthday one weekend, when one of them got drunk and slipped down the banks, only to find herself covered in blood.

Thinking that it was mud, she soon began to scream when the metallic scent hit her nostrils.

They all saw the blood oozing from the soil in the moonlight.

6) Goose Island State Park – Rockport

Goose Island State Park – Rockport

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This is one of the most popular state parks in Texas, which also boasts one of the largest trees in the country – simply called “Big Tree.”

This large, old oak is estimated to be over 1,000 years old and looks like a huge, gnarly hand jutting up from the soil.

It’s believed to have a sinister past, where babies were sacrificed by nasty witches.

Witnesses report the unnerving sounds of crying babies and children coming from this tree at midnight, causing those who hear it to go insane.

While psychic mediums say it’s just the cries of screech owls and an urban legend, many swear that they see the branches slowly dipping when a child goes near it, while the cries are only heard by adults.

5) Goliad State Park – Goliad

Goliad State Park – Goliad


The Chapel at Goliad State Park is a popular attraction, even though some visitors say that they’ll never return.

Reports of a ghostly apparition hovering near the Chapel state that he appears to be covered in black oil, after having traveled from the remains of the nearby oil fields.

He apparently reaches out to people, desperately seeking assistance, before bursting into flames and evaporating into thin air.

One witness advised that the faceless ghost is silent but deadly, as to get too close can mean the difference between escape and burning to death along with the creepy spirit.

4) Falcon State Park – Roma

Falcon State Park – Roma

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The Falcon State Park is home to several lonely ghosts who wander around looking for someone to attach to, according to locals.

Witnesses advise that you don’t see them at first, but you do feel the grasping fingers pulling at your clothes and hair.

One woman said her hair was pulled so hard her scalp bled.

When she tried to get back to her car, she had a sense of being followed.

When she turned around she saw three apparitions hovering behind her.

Even when she drove off she advised that she felt they were still with her and had to get an intense spiritual cleansing to finally rid herself of the clinging spirits.

3) Big Spring State Park – Big Spring

Big Spring State Park – Big Spring

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One of the state parks that was used for the timber industry, it is said that the park is haunted by angry Native American spirits who are mourning the loss of their beautiful trees.

Visitors report the sound of war cries and drums in the distance when moving through the different areas.

One witness advises that he brought out his axe to chop up an old log when he felt a large hand grab his hair on the top of his head and jerk him back forcefully.

His friends freaked out when they saw him being lifted up and thrown backwards, but what was even more terrifying was that his axe handle was split in two.

2) Eisenhower State Park – Denison

Eisenhower State Park – Denison


For hikers exploring the many trails at this location, the presence of ghost cattle kicking up dirt and rocks often drives them back to their cars in a hurry.

A group of women reported that they were hiking for a while before the ground started trembling.

One of them turned to look behind them and she couldn’t believe her eyes.

She advised that she saw a herd of cattle, snorting and charging while being led by a ghostly cowboy with yellow eyes.

She screamed to her friends but the herd stampeded right towards them.

They only had time to crouch as they were hailed with dirt and rocks, but when they looked up, the creepy cowboy and ghost herd had disappeared.

1) Galveston Island State Park – Galveston

Galveston Island State Park – Galveston

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Those who visit Galveston Island State Park report that when you go for a walk on the sand dunes, be prepared to see footprints appear in the sand.

They are believed to be from the shipwrecked ghosts, who continue to wander around, still in a daze and trying to find their way home.

Their sense of being trapped and isolated can be felt if you get too close.

A woman reports how her six year old daughter screamed one day – saying that she could see people with tattered clothing, trying to get a hold of her.

Even on the way home, the little girl cried and said she could still feel one of the ghosts inside her.