Real Scary Stories: “I’ll Never Go Back To Cara Way!”

In this edition of Real Scary Stories, Backpackerverse, and Paranormal California, reader Lenny, tells us about his recent terrifying encounter at Cara Way in San Diego, CA.

Real Scary Stories - I'll Never Go Back To Cara Way

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Updated 2/10/2020 – “Dear Backpackerverse,

I wanted to write you guys after seeing the article you did on Cara Way in San Diego.

I went there two nights ago, and I’m not planning to ever go back.

In fact lol I might not read this kinda stuff for a while either, since I been having bad nightmares ever since the other night.

Me and my friend Holly thought it would be cool to go up there and park right about nighttime and see if we could see any ghosts or shit moving around.

That guy in the article was weird, and the writer didn’t seem like they knew much either, so we thought we’d investigate it ourselves.

Lol maybe get jobs writing real scary stories and paranormal stuff for sites like yours.

Anyways we waited for a long time and nothing happened, so I took a nap for a while cuz I work real late delivering medical supplies and stuff, so I’m always tired.

Anyways after a bit my friend Holly yells at me to wake up because this thing is out in the road.

So I’m tired and all but I wake up just in time to see something cross the road real fast, and it was a dark shape kinda like the angel of death or some shit.

At least that’s what I thought at first.

So stupid me, because the whole thing was my idea and I’m tryin to get into Holly’s pants anyways (hope she’s not reading this hahaha)

I decide to get out of the car and walked down the road a bit.


There it was in front of me all of the sudden.

A Backpackerverse reader told us he had a terrifying run-in with the undead apparition at Cara Way in San Diego...

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This weird awful dead chick with milky white eyes and her face was all messed up like she’d been dead for a real long time.

She stank too…

I can still smell her on me like she marked me or something.

That’s a scary thought now that I think of it.

She screamed at me and I could hear that scream all around.

It was like she had a microphone or something.

And the whole time I was putting my hands up to my ears and running as fast as I can.

Holly and me got back in the car at the same time and we tried to floor it out of there but the car wouldn’t start!!!

I banged my fist on the wheel and was screaming pretty much at the top of my lungs, and that crazy dead chick was still coming at us up the road.

Finally I got the engine to turn over, and we hauled ass outta there.

As we shot by her, she raised her hand toward us and I swear I felt everything go cold for a second.

Holly felt it too.

So there is my real ghost story.

I think it could be made into a scary movie if someone wanted to do that with it.

I’m never going back there again, that place gives me the creeps!”

– Lenny

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