Haunted Hotel: Fright Night at the Fallon Hotel

What is it about hotels that just seems to draw paranormal activity like moths to a bug zapper?

The equation seems obvious: Time + Volume (of people) = Bad Things Happening.

And of course, bad things more often than not seem to precede the existence of paranormal events at a haunted hotel (seldom does one seem to run across the spirits of those who died peacefully, in other words.)

Haunted Hotel: Fright Night at the Fallon Hotel

Photo credit left: flickr/Big Man right: Allison Harvard

Updated 9/23/2019 – But it’s a little mysterious when you have a place like the Fallon Hotel – located in Columbia, California – where the length of time and volume of people who have stayed seems to produce paranormal activity of both the friendly and unfriendly sorts.

A Real Haunted Hotel

Take “the boy” for an instance of the first type of haunting.

Some call him Timmy, other just “the boy.”

According to the stories of those who have encountered him, he is the ghost of a young boy, who roams about the hotel and occasionally plays with toys (if and when toys are available) and will engage in harmless pranks such as turning faucets on and off or flushing a toilet in someone’s room randomly.

In general, no one is very afraid of Timmy.

Which makes you wonder what could have happened to him, to leave him with such a cheerful disposition in the afterlife.

What makes a restless spirit, well, restive?

It’s especially odd when you set it against the backdrop of the other type of ghost which is said to haunt the Fallon Hotel.

She manifests to many as a teenage girl, and there can be no doubt that she is angry, and possibly harmful.

Visitors to this haunted hotel who have seen her (the few who will discuss it, that is) describe her as extremely intrusive and frightening.

The Frightful Ghost At The Fallon Hotel

The frightening ghost of a young girl has been seen numerous times at the Fallon Hotel in Columbia, California...

Photo credit: Allison Harvard

One man who stayed two nights in the hotel claims that he woke up both nights to find the ghostly girl standing on his bed, crouched down and looking at him.

When she registered that he had seen her, she snarled at him and disappeared in a cloud.

“The first night I just thought I’d had a really awful dream,” the man says.

“Otherwise there wouldn’t have been a second night.

“When it happened again, I got the hell out of there right that minute.

I grabbed my suitcase and ran down the stairs and out the lobby.

“I think I must have crossed myself and said the Lord’s Prayer fifty or sixty times on the way down.”

Another couple states that they saw her in broad daylight one morning during their stay.

“We came into the bathroom because we heard the shower running,” the wife says, and the husband nods.

“We pulled the shower curtain back a little, and she was standing there in the tub, kind of crouched low and looking at us.

“She screamed a word at the top of her lungs, and so did we.

Then she turned and literally ran through the wall.

“We could hear her running through our room, and then she must have run through that wall out into the hall.

“When we looked out there she was gone.”

And what word did she scream, I ask.


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