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James Dean’s Cursed Little Bastard

On September 30, 1955 James Dean met a tragic end at the Highways 41 and Highway 46 junction near Cholame, California. A little after 5 pm, he slammed into a 2950 Ford Tuder that was trying to turn away from the intersection. While his mechanic, who was in the passenger seat, survived despite being ejected from the […]

10 Most Bizarre Deaths in California

Life: Nobody gets out alive. We all have to go sometime, and most of us hope we’ll be peacefully lying in bed, surrounded by family. Some people aren’t quite so lucky, though. For them, the end was a bizarre affair. Whether they were mercifully quick or excruciatingly slow, these people suffered deaths that the rest of us can’t […]

A Ghostly Warning that Could Have Saved Sharon Tate

Sharon Tate was a rising star who reigned during the 1960s after making her film debut in the ‘Eye of the Devil’. Her popularity further rose when she married Roman Polanski, her director and co-star in ‘The Fearless Vampire Killers’. However, she left this world early at the age of 26, murdered at the hands of […]

The Truth Behind Ouijamania

While many believe Ouija boards to be a great source of spooky entertainment, there are thousands of people who firmly believe that they can connect them with the spirit world. Unfortunately, what most people fail to understand is that toying with the paranormal without truly understanding it comes with a price: their sanity. The First Case […]

10 Celebrities Who Know Incredible Secrets of the Paranormal

It’s always a little surprising when a famous actor, actress, or musician claims some experience with the supernatural. Then again, why should it be? It’s doubtful that ghosts and other paranormal entities care about our worldly pursuits. They have their own troubles, and they’re probably far too busy to be star-struck. Does a 200 year old ghost care […]

Spectral Stars on Catalina Island

Nobody knows why beautiful Catalina Island attracts so many restless ghosts and spirits. All we know is, it does. The little paradise off the Southern California coastline is so well-known for paranormal activity that ghost tours are one of the main tourist activities offered there. Of the many ghost stories told on Catalina Island, one of the […]

What Happened to Elisa Lam at The Cecil Hotel?

If you thought that ‘American Horror Story: Hotel’ was freaky, chances are that you haven’t heard of The Cecil Hotel. Recently rebranded as Stay on Main, the hotel is a budget accommodation in Downtown Los Angeles that originally had 700 rooms (now 600). Since 1927, the hotel’s history has been riddled with suicides, murders, disappearances, and serial […]

10 Real Ghost Sightings That Will Terrify You

Sometimes, seeing a ghost changes everything. You don’t have to believe what these people saw. It is what happened next that should scare you. Alleged ghost sightings happen every day in every corner of the world, leaving skeptics and believers in agreement about one thing. Our obsession with the supernatural often leads to strange behavior. Throughout history, ghost […]

The Haunting of Doris Bither – The True Story Behind ‘The Entity’

Martin Scorsese called it one of the scariest horror films of all time, but ‘The Entity’ was just more than a movie. The events rolling out on the screen, bringing chills down your spin, were based on the true story of Doris Bither. Who is Doris Bither? In 1974, which is when Doris first spoke of […]

3 Haunted Paintings You’ll Never Want in Your House

When it comes to haunted objects, nothing tops the eeriness of haunted paintings. Some have been accused of burning houses, breaking relationships, and even driving their owners crazy after they felt painted eyes follow them or bore deep into their souls. If you’re shaking your head in disbelief, here are three hair-raising stories of paintings that […]

10 Creepy Paranormal Mysteries You Haven’t Heard Of

Do you believe in the paranormal? Do you enjoy the thrill of fear when reading creepy stories? If you answered “yes” to either of those questions you need to read this. Chances are you’ve likely heard most of the well-known stories out there. So today, I’m bringing you 10 unbelievably creepy paranormal mysteries you haven’t heard of until now. […]

Try Not to Crap Your Pants When You See What Happens

Have you ever been so scared you almost crapped your pants? Maybe the thing that scared you was an apparition, or something more sinister. There’s plenty of frightening things that you can run into on haunted hikes, at abandoned buildings, and other places with confirmed paranormal activity. You might see shapeless forms, perhaps even get chased by […]

This Creepy Doll Has A Mind Of Its Own

*Please scroll down to see video* Just after Christmas, here’s a nightmare come true. It sure appears to be that way for the unsuspecting man eating his food in peace. A lot of people tend to find those little Christmas elves creepy. A lot of people also have a fear of children’s dolls possessed by spirits. […]

Watch: A Child Warrior and Her Spirit Protector Head Into Battle

Here’s something you don’t see every day. A child warrior and her spirit protector head off to battle, accompanied by epic music. Who will they face? How did the war begin? How will it end? While we don’t yet know the answers to those questions, we do know that the it took a weekend for […]

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