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Real Paranormal Activity Caught on CCTV Camera?

This video shows people watching a monitor from a CCTV system, which is focused on a lonely road at night. The date on the top of the monitor states 22/2/16. One of the people watching leans forward and points to the spot, obviously indicating to others or the camera filming the monitor to keep watching. […]

Real Ghost Possession Caught on Camera?

When the video starts we see a paragraph that tells us how the people who captured the ghostly attack first started hearing odd noises several months beforehand. They state that they sensed negativity in their home that seemed to mostly occur around midnight. They placed CCTV cameras in the house and one captures something creepy […]

Black-Eyed Ghost Girl Caught on Camera

The person who filmed the video below says that he recorded it on his mobile phone to check for clarity and wasn’t expecting to see this terrifying girl with black eyes when he played the footage later on. We watch the camera pan and sweep over the grounds of what appears to be a dilapidated […]

5 Creepy Videos of Ghosts Caught on Camera

Note: some viewers might find these videos disturbing. The first video shows a little white dog with his leash tied to the door. Soon the dog becomes agitated as he looks through the open door on the opposite side of the room. He begins to pace and bark as he strains to see what’s on the […]

The 10 Most Prolific Female Serial Killers From Around the World

While male serial killers outnumber their female counterparts 85 to 15, it could be said that the shock factor alone makes each case of murderous women even more chilling and terrifying, due to society’s ideals about the way females are supposed to behave. These ten disturbing women are far from the ideal. More than simple […]

5 Chilling Videos That Are Convincing People Ghosts Are Real

Please scroll to the bottom to watch the creepy videos and see for yourself. At the Wingate Hotel in Illinois, there were loud noises and screams coming from room 209. A Hotel worker goes to investigate and when he steps in, an apparition floats out of the door. The worker tells his manager that furniture […]

Ghost Coming Out Of A Dead Body Caught By This Security Camera?

Watch the video below for a glimpse of what happens after death. A hospital camera catches a spirit leaving its body in a creepy hallway at night. The body is situated on a gurney to the left, against the wall. It’s quiet and no one is walking around when the event occurs, which makes it […]

5 Real Aliens Caught On Tape?

*Please scroll down to see the video* The first video (number 5) is about an alien called Skinny Bob, which was apparently found in May 2011 and shows an alien who was allegedly recovered from a crashed spaceship. At first we see it lying on the ground and then we see it standing up and blinking, […]

5 Creepy And Mysterious Creatures Caught On Film

*To view these creatures for yourself, please scroll down* In the first video we learn about the Wessex Way monster, which is a legend in England. We see through the lens of a CCTV camera, watching a freeway at night, where a creepy humanoid animal races across the road on all fours, after leaping over […]

Are These Real Ghosts Caught On Tape?

*Please scroll down to see the video*. In the first video, we see what is known as the Moorpark Shadow person – a creepy, black mass caught in the corner of the room – which is also seen in the mirror. We can actually see it form before our eyes. Filmed in 1989, this old […]

10 Chilling Confessions from the Brutal Killer Ted Bundy

You’d be hard pressed to find a person over the age of fifteen who hasn’t heard the name Ted Bundy. He is one of the most infamous serial killers in the history of the United States. When Ted was fourteen years old, he encountered his first adult magazine, discarded in an alleyway by his house. Intrigued […]

10 Infamously Haunted Dolls That Will Murder You

Believe it or not, haunted dolls are not altogether hard to find. Many people list these dolls for sale online, along with other haunted objects. But what once was a rare and terrifying item has somehow evolved into a marketing ploy. Are there dolls out there that are truly haunted? In short—yes. They may be […]

10 True Exorcisms That Will Keep You Awake At Night

You’ve seen exorcism movies and read books where priests perform exorcisms – usually after receiving permission from the Vatican – for innocent victims of demonic possession. What’s terrifying is that most of these stories are based on true reports, leaving us wondering if demons are real. These are only ten of the multitude of real […]

The Horrific Life and Murder Trial of the Infamous Lobster Boy

Born into a family with a long history of ectrodactyly – which is a deformity where the fingers and toes are fused together to produce a claw-like or flipper-like appearance – Grady Stiles was a freak-show performer known as “Lobster Boy.” He was born in 1937 and died at the age of 55 – from […]

The 7 Most Disturbing Cults From Around The World

There are many reasons for people to join a cult – especially if they feel alienated from society or that they’re missing something in their current associations. What’s more disconcerting is the idea of deciding to step over the line and joining a group where murder, abuse and delusion are the order of the day […]

A Morbid Tour of Horror at the Museum of Death

If you’re a horror buff, you can satisfy your thirst for murder and mayhem at the Museum of Death, but be prepared for grisly exhibits and shocking imagery. Even the most seasoned of you will be amazed at the depths of depravity and the proof that humans can stoop to the most heinous levels of […]

Ed and Lorraine Warren’s Occult Museum (True Paranormal Horror)

Several of Lorraine and Ed Warren’s cases have been made into successful books and films, including the infamous Amityville Horror story, where an innocent family were plagued by demonic spirits. The Warrens have also been called on by many paranormal investigators to assist with their own haunted cases, bringing their vast knowledge of demonic possession […]

The Ghosts of Gourmet Ghosts 2

The following is a guest post by James T. Bartlett, author of  Gourmet Ghosts 2. Hidden in the pages of Gourmet Ghosts 2, my latest guide to murder and mystery in L.A.’s eateries, joints and flophouses, are tales of the supernatural. Don’t be fooled this Halloween – there are spirits all over this city and not […]

New Hidden Room Discovered At The Winchester Mystery House

The Winchester Mystery House in San Jose is, you guessed it, filled with mysteries. This mansion used to be the home of a lady named Sarah Winchester, who was the widow of William Wirt Winchester. If you name sounds familiar, it’s because the Winchester Repeating Arms Company is a 150 year old brand that makes firearms, […]

5 Vampire Serial Killers Who Really Walked The Earth

The modern concept of the vampire has its roots in early 18th century, Southeastern Balkan and European folklore. Today’s vampires took their appearance from 19th century works, like Bram Stoker’s ‘Dracula’ who was depicted as a regal and highly intelligent Count. Seen as powerful and supernatural figures, these modern, romanticized versions are more appealing to […]

7 Treasured Fairy Tales With Dark and Violent Origins

We all grew up with an assortment of fairy tales, but how often do we really reflect back on them, and realize what they mean? Most fairy tales have a certain message or takeaway for the reader, but it’s not always as innocent as the children’s versions may suggest. Here’s a look at seven very […]

Convincing Proof ‘Eleven’ Is The Monster in ‘Stranger Things’

Warning: Major spoilers ahead if you haven’t seen Stranger Things yet. A growing theory among fans of Netflix’s hit ‘Stranger Things’ involves the idea that Eleven – a girl with psychic powers – is the alter ego of the blood-thirsty Monster she encounters in the realm known as the Upside Down, even though the two […]

Infomercial Queen Miss Cleo Has Passed Away at 53 Years Old

Miss Cleo introduced an entire generation to tarot cards and psychic hotlines. In the late ’90s to the early ’00s she was a fixture in late night TV infomercials, where she encouraged people to embrace the paranormal and to give psychic reading a try. “Call me now!” was the Miss Cleo character’s famous catchphrase, but the woman […]

Spooky Evidence Suggests That Pets Can Sense Pokemon from Pokemon Go

A series of images released out of Japan shows that pets seem to be able to somehow tap into the energy created by Pokemon from Pokemon Go. It’s just a game, and everybody knows that Pokemon aren’t real… right? But, after seeing these sets of images, you’ll wonder whats really going on. We’re already briefly explored the paranormal […]

10 Insanely Creepy Dolls That Will Absolutely Terrify You

Amongst Legos and Hot Wheels, every child in America has loved one doll or another. Whether inexpensive baby dolls or costly porcelain ones, dolls often satisfy the parental instincts, intuition, and urges most children begin to develop when young. But not all dolls are created equal. Some have been used as vessels to promote sinister agendas. […]

Griffith Park: Ghost Attacks Man Playing Pokemon Go

There have been all sorts of scary stories about the negative side effects of playing Pokemon Go. People have come across dead bodies hidden in the woods, they’ve gotten hit by cars, they’ve been robbed by thieves who lured them over to ambush them, and plenty of other things. This game has gotten an entire generation […]

The Paranormal Dangers of Playing Pokemon Go at Black Star Canyon

The stories of people having strange encounters while playing Pokemon Go continue to flood our inboxes. The game hasn’t even been out for very long, but millions of people are playing Pokemon Go every single day. Since this game can lead you all over the place, there’s a lot of ground getting covered that wouldn’t normally get much […]

Ghost Pushes Teenage Boy Into Car (Caught On CCTV Camera)

*Please scroll down to see the video* How many times have you went to get in your car, and you check the backseat as a precaution before you get in? Believe it or not, a lot of people do this, because they’re afraid a serial murderer could be hiding in the backseat of their vehicle. One […]

Security Camera Catches Creepy Grudge Ghost in the Mirror

*Please Scroll Down To See The Video* One thing humans have been told since they were children is that there’s no place like home, and that’s very true. Home should be a safe zone, where someone can go to and always feel like they’re safe and secure. That being said, the bedroom is the sacred area […]

Scary Videos: Chilling Footage Of Ghost Caught On CCTV Camera

*Please Scroll Down To See Video* If you like scary videos, you’re in for a fright. In this video you’ll see an eerie ghost captured by a wireless CCTV camera. One of the first things you’ll probably be concerned about as soon as you start this video, is whether or not this is going to be one of […]

Scary Videos: Shadow Figure Attacking Baby Caught On Camera

*Please Scroll Down To Watch Video* We want to start off by warning you that this scary video may be disturbing. It’s a video of what appears to be a ghost, or a shadow figure attacking a baby. This isn’t one of those “screamers.” This is a genuine video you’re about to see, so be warned that […]

Scary Videos: 5 Haunted Dolls Caught On Camera Moving

Have you ever wanted to see videos of possessed dolls moving all on their own? In the scary video at the bottom of the page, you’ll see a collection of 5 videos of possessed dolls moving on their own. Scary Videos: 5 Haunted Dolls Caught On Camera Moving The Evil Princess Doll Forget the fake […]

New Discoveries: German Scientists Prove There Is Life After Death

One of the biggest unanswered questions mankind has is life after death. Different religions and cultures have diverse beliefs on what awaits man in the afterlife. Scientists from Germany have concluded that there is indeed life after death. New Discoveries: German Scientists Prove There Is Life After Death They have experimented for over four years on 944 […]

Scary Videos: Real Ghost Caught On Baby Monitor

*Please Scroll Down To Watch Video* There are mysteries we encounter that even science can’t explain. Some scary videos we come across leave us all dumbfounded. One such mystery is the real ghost footage caught on a baby monitor (seen below). Scary Videos: Real Ghost Caught On Baby Monitor It would be a nightmare for any parent to see something weird going on […]

Ruins Of Ancient City Found In Antarctica

Everybody knows about the lost city of Atlantis. But what if there is another lost city that is waiting to be fully discovered? There has been a missing TV crew from California since November 2002. The name of their company seems to befit them because of their discovery – Atlantis TV. The team left behind a video […]

Is This Amazing Footage of Proven Psychic Energy?

We believe in superpowers when we’re kids. When we get older we put aside notions that people can actually move things with their mind or light things on fire. But what if powers, particularly psychic energy, were real? If you’re skeptical about humans possessing these strange abilities, you might want to check out the paranormal video below. It […]

Watch: Demonic Growls Heard in Haunted Asylum?

Often times bad places will have bad spirits linger in them. Abandoned prisons where all sorts of evil men used to be held now harbor evil spirits. Houses that have had murders take place within them have the dead wander the halls. And insane asylums, where a variation of atrocities have usually taken place, often have presences that are […]

Do These 5 Kids Possess Real Psychic Super Powers?

Have  you ever walked down the street and seen a woman with a crystal ball at a booth who promises to tell your fortune? Chances are the premonitions that she details for five bucks probably won’t come true, or they will be so vague that you can’t tell. However, some people possess traits that defy traditional […]

Watch: A Haunted Tour Through A Real Haunted House

**Please scroll down to see the video** If you have ever wondered what a haunted house might look like, you will want to check out this haunted tour video. Youtuber Annie Marie has experienced her fair share of paranormal activity while living in her creepy apartment building. According to her, the neighbor that lived in the floor […]

Thursday Haunted Stuff: Faceless Ghost Spotted at Indian Temple

Ghosts and apparitions can appear from the most unlikely of places like suburban houses, libraries or even amusement parks, but sometimes they’re right where you expect them to be. Religious and spiritual landmarks are great hubs to the spirit world because in a way they act as a kind of barrier; a place between the living […]

Ghost Investigators Assaulted by Psychic Manifestation?

Have you ever gotten bad vibes from just being in someplace you can’t explain? That creepy room, house or basement that just makes you feel like you shouldn’t be there? There are tons of places that are filled with paranormal activity that affect your physical and mental well-being. You can often feel cold, hot or start shaking. […]

Mysterious Voices Overheard in Haunted Hospital

We all like to believe that ghosts and spirits of past loved ones exist. We take comfort in knowing that spirits of deceased relatives are watching over us. But is that really what we want for them? To be hanging around in the mortal plain as ghosts, unable to move on to the afterlife? Being a ghost […]

Dog Attacked by Ghost in Haunted House?

Creepy things have been known to happen in residential homes. What might appear like a nice house in the suburbs could be filled with all sorts of strange paranormal activity including ghosts and poltergeists. If you’ve ever been home alone and heard strange noises or things that go bump in the night, you’re not alone. In actuality […]

Mysterious Blue UFO Over Los Angeles Could Be Alien Sighting

Do you believe in life beyond the planet Earth? You will after watching this video showing a possible UFO and alien sighting. This amateur footage taken by a group of Los Angeles residents shows what looks to be a massive UFO flying in the night sky. The spacecraft is engulfed in a bright blue aura before […]

Watch: Ghost Caught on Camera in London Underground?

Have you ever seen something that you just can’t explain? If you have, and have witnessed the activity of a ghost or a paranormal event, then you might find this video interesting. There have always been numerous sightings of ghosts in the London Underground. While these were just usually rumors about apparitions usually appearing near the subway, it seems […]

Amityville: The Awakening Trailer Will Make Your Blood Run Cold

For too long know horror movies have followed a cookie cutter formula that uses cheap jump scares to get a rise out of an audience. What aspiring filmmakers must realize is that a true piece of horror lies in the psychological. The kind of fear that gets to the viewer long after the credits are done […]

This Stephen King ‘IT’ Fan Film Will Haunt Your Dreams

What is it about clowns that make them so horrifying? That’s the question that author Stephen King asked when he wrote the novel IT, a story about a killer clown named Pennywise that preys on young children. Like most of King’s work it was adapted into a horror movie that frightened and terrified viewers for years to come. […]

The Dangers of ‘Playing’ With a Ouija Board

Let’s get one fact straight: Ouija is NOT a Game. Though the board itself is a harmless piece of compressed wood, the form of communication people attempt often is. By conducting a séance with these, you’re extending an invitation to the spirits residing on the lower astral plain. Unfortunately, these spirits tend to be confused, especially after […]

The Shocking Truth Behind Haunted Dolls

When the movie, The Boy was released, it reminded many that even a cute porcelain doll has the power to claim your soul. Despite the plot twist in the movie (no spoilers, please), it’s apparent that there’s a supernatural force behind the main character that ensures its survival. While this may just be a movie written […]

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