Terror in Victorville: Are Dead Locals Back from the Grave?

Victorville, California is home to a most disturbing road.

Each year, residents in town report seeing a myriad of different spirits walking along El Evado Road during the night.

Even those who have yet to see anything paranormal along this road believe that it is the known as the home of a dead little girl.

Terror in Victorville: Are Dead Locals Back from the Grave?

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Former Victorville Locals Back from the Dead?

Updated 2/10/2020 – According to a local story, it is said that a little girl once got hit by a car and died on El Evado Road.

Now it is her paranormal stomping ground.

The area has attracted so much attention that even a team of paranormal investigators visited the road.

One of the team members managed to capture the whispers of a little girl admitting that the spirits liked to wreak havoc on that road.

Cory had heard about these rumors when he moved to Victorville a few years ago, but wasn’t sure quite what to believe.

“It seemed that everyone had some story to tell about haunted El Evado where it became just…statistically improbable that everyone was telling the truth,” he said with an amused shrug.

Cory decided that the only way to know for sure would be to investigate the road for himself.

“It was a Saturday night and I had been stood up by a date,” he admitted.

“I decided to drive out there, park the car and take a couple of pictures.

Curiosity Killed the Cat

Sometimes, nature and animals seem to have their own set of intuition.


“It seemed like the moment I pulled over, the road gave up an undeniably creepy vibe,” Cory recalled.

“Of course, I was also there to hunt ghosts, so I suppose feeling apprehensive is fairly normal.

But I wasn’t out of my car for ten minutes before I heard the sound of someone screaming not that far away from where I stood.

“I tried to remain calm as I hollered back, believing someone was hurt and in need of help.

But things quickly took a turn for the worse when I heard that same voice begin to laugh at me, at my sincerity.

Something about that laugh made me realize I was not dealing with an ordinary person.

“I couldn’t move, I was so frightened,” Cory said, shaking his head.

“I started to feel a strange sensation in my back—almost as if someone were slowly pouring cold water down my spine.

I looked around, desperate for someone, anyone to drive by and see me, paralyzed in the road.

“All I wanted to do was shut my eyes and make the fear go away, but I kept them open, knowing I did not want that thing to come near me,” Cory whispered.

“I was looking all around me when I saw the glimpses of shadow people, appearing and disappearing out of the corners of my eyes.

I had never seen anything so terrifying.

“I started to yell that it wasn’t real over and over again, as I willed my body to move.

Eventually I took a step, then another step.

I began to sprint awkwardly back toward my car, terrified that the horrible woman would show up and grab my feet as I ran.

“Since that night it does not embarrass me to say that I have become one of those Victorville residents who avoid El Evado Road at all costs,” Cory concluded with a false smile.