This Old Road In California Is So Haunted It Will Terrify You

Many roads in the United States are said to be haunted, and the Lost Lake Road in Blythe, California happens to be one of them.

Several locals try their best to avoid this road, hearing tales of a dead Indian Chief who wanders by the side of the road.

But a few residents have claimed many more spirits could roam this fateful road.

The Most Infamous Road in Blythe

Updated 2/10/2020 – A lesser known legend speaks of an aspiring magician who traveled up and down California attempting to become famous.

He was adept at levitation, and would use his beloved wife to demonstrate his tricks on whenever they were in front of an audience.

The legend states that the couple were traveling down Lost Lake Road when they were struck by a car.

The magician suffered numerous wounds but managed to survive. However, his wife did not.

Blythe local Tarot Reader, Gina (Name changed for privacy),  believes this local legend and is convinced she saw the magician’s wife.

“I was driving down Lost Lake when my beat up old car finally decided to quit on me,” she said.

“The tow truck guy said he wouldn’t be able to come out for another hour, so I just wandered up and down the road, waiting for him to show up.

The hour was almost up when I thought I heard a woman singing just beyond the surrounding tree line,” she gestured.

“Curiosity got the better of me, so I decided to spy on whoever it was.

I slowly crept to the borderline of the trees, and quietly spread apart a few branches to peer through.

I didn’t see anything at first, so I moved a little to the north and there I saw a person.”

The Floating Woman in White

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“It was of a woman in a long white dress.

At first I was shocked to see that she was levitating high up in the air.

But then I realized that there was a rope around her midsection, and it was tied to a tree limb high above her.

“She dangled there for a moment, and then I saw her reach up with a small knife to begin to cut the rope “I knew she could kill herself if she fell, so I called out to her to stop.

She jerked her head to face me, and I saw that she had these creepy eyes that were all white.

“I wanted so badly to flee, she was so eerie looking, but I knew I would never forgive myself for that,” Gina nodded.

’Don’t cut that rope anymore—you will fall and kill yourself!’ I cried out.

“And that’s when the woman gave me a twisted kind of grin.

’No, I will not fall,’ she said.

My husband…he will keep me afloat.’

“And with one final slash of the knife, the rope broke and she began to fall.

I screamed as I watched, but the woman disappeared before she hit the ground,” she said, still in disbelief.

I stumbled out of the bushes and waited for the tow, in a complete state of shock.

I thought I had somehow hallucinated the entire encounter until a few months later, when I heard about the legend of the magician and his levitating wife.

“After that, I knew…I knew she was the ghost from the Blythe legend.”