The Spirits of These Neglected Sisters Still Wander Highway 91 At Night

You know that feeling when you realize that you’ve forgotten something, but it’s too late to do anything about it?

That split second when you’re watching the car door slam shut, just as you notice your keys are still inside…

The Spirits of These Neglected Sisters Still Wander Highway 91 At Night

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Updated 2/10/2020 – When you forget about a pizza in the oven, and by the time you smell the smoke, your dinner is ruined…

When you’re awoken from a nap by a phone call reminding you that you’re late for an important meeting…

Or when you pack up and head home from a family camping trip, only to realize you left your two daughters at the campsite.

For the parents of these two poor little girls, that’s exactly what happened after a fun family trip to Rancho Jurupa Park, in Riverside California, off of Highway 91.

That feeling I described earlier?

That split second of agony before your rational brain kicks in and starts looking for a solution?

That helplessness, that regret, that pain

That’s the only thing these parents are ever going to feel for the rest of their lives.

It all started as an innocent camping trip in Riverside…

Relatives gossip that the family went on a rare vacation to celebrate the daughters doing better than usual in school.

Neither parent graduated high school.

They worked hard and seemed like nice people who provided for their daughters, but there was never much extra.

Neighbors say they could hear the parents arguing about money on hot nights when they left the windows open.

The girls had worked extra hard in school, and the parents had managed to bank enough vacation days off work to spend a few nights camping at Rancho Jurupa.

Everyone really needed this vacation.

For the first two nights, everyone had the time of their lives.

They were laughing, singing, telling stories, dancing…

They had never felt so close as a family.

There was nothing but love in between the flames from the fire all the way up to the stars in the night sky.

But deep down in the pits of Hell, way below their humble campfire, angry spirits were preparing for war.

Obviously, we can’t say for certain that these entities emerged from Hell, but if you’ve ever looked directly into the eyes of somebody who survived their encounter, you would know exactly where these monsters were from.

The thing about angry spirits is that they all carry out their deeds in many different ways.

Some resort to pure violence, others prefer to play a game of mental warfare instead.

In this instance, according to paranormal experts, it was mental warfare that split this family apart.

But others say the parents simply lost their minds, or worst of all…

…that they did this on purpose.

Was it negligence, or something much more sinister?

Their parents left them stranded at Rancho Jurupa Park off of Highway 91 in Riverside, Ca.

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Leading up to the third night, the parents started to seem a bit aloof.

The daughters were feeling like their parents suddenly stopped paying them any attention.

By that night, it had gotten worse.

The two girls would call out to their parents, who were in a tent only a few feet away, but the parents wouldn’t answer. It started to rain, the girls were terrified.

Finally, they managed to fall asleep.

When they woke up in the morning, not only were all of their belongings soaking wet, but their parents were nowhere to be seen.

Were  the parents so preoccupied with work and money that they completely forgot about their daughters when they packed up and left?

Did they leave the girls there on purpose?

Or were they somehow compelled, by exterior and malicious forces, to leave their girls to fend for themselves in the woods?

These are the types of questions that deserve answers, but never seem to find any.

Rumor has it that if you wander through some of the old campsites along Highway 91 late enough at night while it’s rainy, and you seem friendly enough and safe, the girls might approach you and ask you for help.

They were taught never to talk to strangers, but sometimes you’ve got to make exceptions.

Others have reported being haunted by the girls at the camping site in Riverside, Ca.

This often happens to couples, perhaps they remind the girls of their parents?

The girls aren’t very happy with their parents.

Nobody likes being forgotten.

How do I know so much about what happened to these poor girls?

Because they told me.

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