Haunted Oxnard: The Bloody Ghoul Of Walmart

Welcome to Oxnard, California, home of over two hundred thousand people, and ironically voted one of the safest cities in America back in 2013.

The income level is high and the crime level is low in this beautiful town, in other words.

On the whole, not a bad place to be.

Haunted Oxnard: The Bloody Ghoul Of Walmart

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Updated 2/10/2020 – But there are places.

If one takes a long and hard enough look in any town, there are always places.

Enter Wal-Mart, the capitalist Mecca of American consumerism, the place where mankind goes to shop for everything from its basic needs to its complex desires.

There is one nearly everywhere you go, but not every Wal-Mart has the same properties this one does.

In other words, not every Wal-Mart is haunted by ghosts.

She is a little girl, most say of Mexican-American descent, and she likes to play in the toy aisle – what little kid doesn’t?

Employees and patrons alike who have seen her say that she usually roams around in the girls’ toys, but can sometimes also be seen playing with the trucks and such as well.

Those who spot her are often greeted with the rather ghoulish spectacle of a smile.

Ghoulish, of course, because not only are her eyes milk-white, but her entire body from the mouth down is covered in blood.

“The first time I saw her,” says one customer who still frequents the store, “I just about died and went up to Jesus.

I thought it was some kid who had hurt herself.

When I saw her, and she smiled at me before disappearing, I realized that I was looking at a ghost.

For some reason, that didn’t freak me out quite so badly, although I hear that she might have been a murder victim.”

The Bloody Ghoul Of Walmart

The bloody ghost of a young Mexican girl is sometimes spotted in the toy aisle at the Walmart in Oxnard California

Photo credit: lockedillusionsphoto.com

Indeed, this is a rumor which has made the rounds among those who see the girl.

Although it is unsubstantiated as of yet (everyone who sees her claims that while the girl will often smile at them, she never talks,) some people believe that the girl was murdered in the field where the Wal-Mart now stands, years and years ago.

“It stands to reason,” says another long-time Oxnard resident and frequent Wal-Mart shopper, “that if she’s been haunting that area for all these years, forever trapped in the spirit  and mentality of a little girl, she would find the sudden appearance of a bunch of toys around her to be a golden opportunity.”

While no one has exactly had any cause to fear this ghost, there are plenty who find her appearance disturbing, and the sheer volume of blood on her is enough to make some people nearly sick.

Most of the people who have seen her more than once now find it less shocking, and are more circumspect about their opinion of her.

“We just let her be, mostly,” says a former employee.

“She doesn’t hurt anyone – at least so far – and there’s really not much we could do about her if we wanted to.

It’s sad, you know, that little girl playing all alone in there in the toys, with no friends or family to be with her.

So yeah, we just let her be.

And we hope that she never decides she doesn’t like us anymore.”

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