Lonely Women Have Been Visiting This Florida Motel To Meet The “Orgasm Ghost”

There are many different types of ghosts, spirits, and paranormal entities.

Some of them remain in limbo as they seek to carry out any unfinished business like revenge, some of them are friendly and try to warm the living not to make the same mistakes they did, and others are downright strange with their own agendas altogether.

Updated 2/10/2020 – The Amber Tides Motel in Clearwater Beach Florida is a beautiful place to visit for a nice stay in an affordable room, you can experience the sunny joys of Florida without breaking the bank.

It’s very close to the trolly stop, and just a quick jaunt away from the beach

But that’s not why women from all over Florida, and even the rest of the country, have been flocking to this place.

They heard rumors about a very particular type of spirit, and let’s just say he falls under the benevolent category.

Some Ghosts Want to Make you Feel Amazing

With the rise in popularity of the internet, addiction to adult materials has been causing a rift in many marriages.

Some women visit this hotel because the men in their lives just don’t seem very interested in them anymore and they need a release but don’t want to be unfaithful, whereas others are single and looking to feel great without any types of commitments.

A regular reader of this site wrote in a few months ago to share her experience, but it didn’t sound real.

As we started getting more and more emails from women who had met a certain spirit at The Amber Tides Motel and shared similar details, it became obvious that this wasn’t just some kind of prank or somebody working on their creative writing skills.

We followed up with the original report from Diana (Her name has been changed to protect her anonymity, her husband doesn’t know what she’s been up to.)

“I’m so embarrassed but I NEED to share this story.

My husband is always away at work and when he’s home he’s thinking about work.

My libido has been going CRAZY.

I guess I’m just at that age,” Diana said in a shy, nervous voice.

“Basically one of my girlfriends told me about this motel in Florida called Amber Tides, and I needed a bit of a vacation anyways so of course I stayed there.”

“She told me there was a certain room that was haunted.

I’m into that shit so I figured why not.

But it’s not haunted by a normal ghost.

It’s haunted by some kind of intense, overpowering sexual energy,” Diana whispered coyly.

Intense Sensations at the Amber Tides Motel at Clearwater Beach

“I had a few glasses of wine and made my way back to the room.

I even ordered one of those sleazy videos from the TV.

Just calm yourself right down because I’m not going to get into any details, but let’s just say my hand started to wander.

“The lights went out on their own, and I could feel the bed starting to tremble, but it wasn’t like a shake or vibration like those coin-operated beds.

It was more like the bed was breathing, it was in sync with me…”

“I started to feel things I have NEVER felt before.

It was kind of like I was being softly caressed by a thousand hands, but it was like my entire body became so sensitive to the touch, it was like my entire body was being pleased.

It was so overwhelming.”

Brides-to-be and newlyweds should avoid this Motel, their human loves will never stack up.


“This isn’t some kind of metaphor you’d read in a filthy romance novel, it literally felt like there were hands all over my body, and no matter where they touched, I felt waves of pleasure, you know like when you’re with a guy who just really knows what he’s doing in that one spot?

Multiply that by your entire body…

That’s what I was feeling.

“Suddenly, I heard lightning outside and it started pouring rain.

I was so into the moment.

It felt like I sunk into the bed, and was just surrounded by nothing but pure pleasure.

I tried to open my eyes and get back to reality, but I couldn’t.

I wasn’t even a human entity anymore, I was in another world.”

“I lost control of my senses, the storm raged on, and I swear to GOD I heard someone whisper in my ear, but I don’t know what they said.

It didn’t matter.

It put me over the edge.

“I felt like I was tied to the bed by energy, completely submissive.

I’m a control freak, but I wasn’t afraid.

I just went with it.

It felt right.

Then it just stopped.

“Now, I was able to see again, my senses were returning as I lay in the bed, completely exhausted and honestly a little afraid of what just happened…

“I hate not being completely in control, it’s rare for me to even have a few glasses of wine.

But it was okay.

I’ve NEVER felt ANYTHING close to that in my life.




“Anyways, I guess my friend wasn’t lying, right?

There’s something about that room.

I had to promise not to tell which room it was, because it’s already been spreading by word of mouth.

As soon as any woman hears about this experience, she wants it for herself, and the crazy thing is that my friend and I had the same time there, as did the woman who told her about it.

“I slept like a log that night, I haven’t gotten such a peaceful rest… uhhh, EVER.

“On my way out the next morning, I noticed the housekeeper looking at me with a knowing look on her face.

She knew exactly what happened, and shot me a grin.

She seemed eager to get into the room.”