Drowned Boy Attacks Woman at the Jones Road Creek in St. Cloud

A relatively new legend has been circulating in St. Cloud, Florida.

Locals have been overheard discussing the small creek off of Jones Road.

Many believe that a little boy drowned in the creek during the ’80s and has haunted the area ever since.

Drowned Boy Attacks Woman at the Jones Road Creek in St. Cloud

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The St. Cloud Haunted Creek

Updated 2/10/2020 – Nobody seems sure of who the boy is or what happened to his parents.

All they seem to know is that the ghost boy is angry about his death.

Mary Beth had just gotten a divorce when she heard about the Jones Road Haunting.

Grieving, Mary Beth decided one day to explore the area in search of the ghost.

“I was in a bad place last year,” she told us with a slow nod.

“You know how some people have a mid-life crisis and they suddenly go a little crazy, buying cars, trying new things?

That’s what I went through after my divorce…

I felt like a teenager all over again, trying crazy stunts, going on adventures.”

Why did you decide to look for the ghost boy?

Mary Beth shrugged, her eyes getting moist.

“I think it’s because my ex-husband and I didn’t have any children together.

My biological clock was ticking but I had temporarily lost the option to have a child.

“…I wanted to see if I could save that little boy somehow.”

The Best of Intentions…

Some people just have a certain look in their eyes that make you question if they are even human.


Please tell us what happened out there.

“Well, I parked my car on Jones Road and found the dirt path that the creek is supposed to be nearby.

I walked slowly down the trail until I heard the slightest trickling of water.

A few feet of walking later and I had reached the haunted creek.

“It wasn’t particularly deep or fast moving, but I could see how a small child might drown there,” she said.

“It made me incredibly sad to think about.

I wasn’t sure where to find the little boy or even where to look, so I did the only thing I knew, and that was to call out to him.

Little boy! Little boy, I am here to help you!’ I shouted out, looking all around.

“There was a distinct rustling in the bushes nearby, and I got the feeling that it was him,” Mary Beth smiled faintly.

“I went to pry the branches apart, but as I did so, the rustling came back but from behind me.

Almost as if he were playing cat and mouse with me.

I remember thinking to myself that it was endearing, how he played with me.

“And that’s when I heard someone breathing right above me.

I looked up and there was the ghost boy, sitting in the tree twenty feet from my head.

He had the creepiest eyes I had ever seen.

“’Hi there….

Please come down, I’d like to help you,’ I whispered up to him.

What happened next?

“He flew at me, fingers flared, teeth bared.

I was so surprised I didn’t react in time.

Pain seared through my face as he bit into my cheekbone.

It took me several moments to detach his arms from around my neck, but I managed to do it and I threw him off me.

I turned toward my car and I never looked back,” she nodded.

“I have since moved out of town and have started my life over. ..but I will always have this scar on my face to remind me of that fateful day in St. Cloud.”