Beware The Malevolent Ghost Boy at the Cuban Club in Tampa

The Cuban Club was built in Tampa in 1917.

Originally used as a community center for Cubans who had immigrated, today the site is rented out for private events.

Beware The Malevolent Ghost Boy at the Cuban Club in Tampa

Updated 2/10/2020 – This building is so well known for being haunted that popular paranormal investigation shows, such as Ghost Hunters, have visited in the hopes of capturing substantial evidence.

The Most Haunted Building in Tampa

It has been said that two deaths have occurred in the building since it first opened.

An actor decided to commit suicide on the stage.

And a board member once decided to murder a fellow board member during a dispute.

However, the two other prominent spirits known to haunt the Cuban Club are not the ones who passed away within the building.

Several reports of a female spirit wearing high heels have come in.

She is often see wandering throughout the club in a white dress.

Others claimed to have witnessed a little boy playing.

Many believe that when objects are knocked down or out of place, it is the boy hoping to seek attention from those still living.

When Kathryn first moved to Tampa last spring, she had no idea the Cuban Club was haunted.

“My daughter was graduating college, and I was thinking about where to host a party for her when I passed by the club,” she told us.

“I just thought it was a cool building—I didn’t realize it had such a well-known reputation in the area!”

Fear in the Bathroom

Have you ever felt phantom hands grasping at your neck? Do you think it actually happened - or were you just short of breath and the lack of oxygen caused you to hallucinate?

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Please tell us what happened to you.

“I made arrangements at the club one day, and I didn’t have to go back there until the day of the party.

I arrived several hours early to get everything set up—you know, chairs, decorations, the catering and what not.

“I worked for a couple of hours getting everything arranged and I realized that guests would be arriving soon, as well as my daughter.

So I decided to go to the restroom to freshen up a little,” Kathryn said.

Of course, NOW I know that the restroom I went to is known to be one of the hot spots for paranormal stuff to happen in the building…

“But I certainly didn’t know it when I went in there.

I was putting on some makeup when I felt this tightening sensation in my throat.

I fished out some pills out of my purse thinking it was just allergies,” she shrugged.

“But as I continued to do my makeup, the feeling got steadily worse. Within moments I couldn’t breathe, but I had no idea what was wrong.

I remember staring at my own panicked face in the mirror when I started to feel a strange pressure on the outside of my throat as well as the inside.

“I leaned into my reflection and lifted up my chin to look and…,” she trailed off.

“I know it sounds crazy, but I could feel hands clasping my throat.

Part of me was so scared, I felt as if I couldn’t move.

But that instinctual urge to survive propelled me out of the bathroom, looking for someone—anyone—who could possibly help me.

“The first person I found was an employee, and when he saw the phantom hands on my throat he yelled, ‘let go of her, little boy—you’re going to kill her!’

“Instantly, the pressure was gone and I could finally breathe again.

It was probably the worst possible way I could be welcomed to Tampa ever,” Kathryn said with a teary eyed laugh.


2010 Avenida Republica De Cuba
Tampa, FL 33605
United States