Haunted Benicia: The Puppet Master Pulls The Strings At Sailor Jack’s

California residents often flock to Benicia for its beautiful ocean views, and delicious seafood.

Sailor Jack’s has become a reputable restaurant in the area, with amazing cuisine and a full service bar.

Guests claim the waterfront view is to die for.

Haunted Benicia: The Puppet Master Pulls The Strings At Sailor Jack's


A Horrifying Ordeal

Updated 9/23/2019 – Originally named Captain Blythers, the restaurant first opened in 1868.

Unlike most places, this restaurant is ran out of a house, which once belonged to a sea captain.

Author Jack London used to live in the area, and would often frequent the restaurant, and it was thus renamed Sailor Jack’s in his honor.

While many locals have nothing short of a great time at Sailor Jack’s, one former employee is now terrified of the establishment.

Not wanting to be teased, this past worker has asked that his identity remain anonymous.

He used to help in the kitchen.

“There’s usually a lull between the lunch crowed and the dinner rush,” he informed us.

“Somewhere around four, employees come into to start preparing food for the evening.

I was studying for an exam that day, so I came into the restaurant about an hour and a half early to finish reading a chapter.

“There was one chef in the kitchen, but the dining areas were dead quiet.

I plopped down in a chair by a window and brought out my textbook.

It wasn’t long before I noticed that something about the restaurant felt…off, for lack of a better word,” he shrugged.

The Most Haunted Restaurant in Benicia?

The puppetmaster pulls the strings, but who is on the other end?

manuel estheim/bleaq

“We always keep the restaurant slightly cool, but all of the sudden it felt like I was inside of a freezer.

I checked the thermostat, but it was at 72 degrees like normal.

I couldn’t understand where this cloud of cold air was coming from.

“I slowly went back to my table and resumed reading my chapter.

Not five minutes had gone by when I looked at my arm on the table and saw all of my little hairs were standing on end.

It was like my body knew something eerie was going on, even though I couldn’t see anything,” he said, and ran a hand through his hair.

“I was really starting to freak out, so I thought it would be best if I went to the restroom and splashed some water on my face…you know, try to relax.

I was just about to turn down the hall to the restrooms when I heard this steady exhale of breath right behind me.

I turned back to look at the dining room.

“All at once there was a loud noise and two photographs and a large piece of artwork went crashing to the floor.

It was as if some phantom spirit had pulled them all with invisible string.

I was…completely terrified,” he whispered.

“The chef came running out of the kitchen, but came to an abrupt halt when he saw the mess.

He looked at the broken glass, and the empty walls.

Then he looked at my startled face and made the cross sign over this body.

“I had loved that job, I really did.

And it will probably hard to get another gig like that in Benicia.

But I was just too scared to stay.”


123 1st St
Benicia, CA 94510
United States