Haunted New Braunfels: The Faceless Ghost of Faust Hotel

During the 1920s, the New Braunfels community decided their town was in need of a luxurious hotel.

Local businessman Walter Faust took charge over the project and the hotel was opened in October of 1929, just two weeks before the stock market crash.

Despite the financial strain of the Great Depression, the hotel remained open.

Haunted New Braunfels: The Faceless Ghost of Faust Hotel


New Braunfels’ Most Historic Hotel

Updated 2/11/2020 – Over the next several decades, the hotel grew worn, and much of its original furniture had been removed due to disrepair.

But in 2009, Powerohm Properties decided to purchase the hotel and return it to its former glory.

Renovations quickly began, but it’s believed it isn’t just dust that was dug up.

After the renovation, many guests began to experience paranormal activity at the Faust Hotel.

Many have said that water mysteriously goes on and off in their hotel rooms during their stay.

A few have even claimed to have seen a full bodied apparition in one of the hotel’s hallways.

But Lisa experienced something far more intense during her stay a couple years ago.

“A girlfriend of mine had just moved to New Braunfels a few months prior, and I decided to pay her a surprise visit,” she told us.

“My plan was to check into a hotel the first night and show up at her work the following morning with a huge breakfast spread.

I remember her taking a picture of a very pretty hotel when she first moved to Texas, and after I arrived in town I realized it was the Faust Hotel.

So I decided to splurge a little and stay there during my mini-vacation,” Lisa smiled.

From Bad to Worse

What does it mean when somebody can't recognize their own face?

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“I checked into my room during the late afternoon and I decided to take a nap.

While I slept I had a strange dream where I saw myself walking in the hotel through the eyes of someone behind me.

I looked down at my foreign body and I saw that my feet—or rather, the stranger’s feet—weren’t touching the ground while she walked.

“Nevertheless she followed my body with such an intensity, it really creeped me out.

I woke up and told myself it was nothing, just a weird dream.

But things quickly escalated when I returned to my room after dinner,” Lisa whispered.

“I decided to take a bath, and as I leaned over the tub to check the temperature of the water, I realized my reflection was…strange.

Sure, I was expecting it to be a little blurry and distorted, but I couldn’t see any of my features.

“My face just looked like a fleshy void.

I told myself the surface of the water and the soap I had added was just making it look that way, and I proceeded to take my bath.

But when I got out of the tub and went to brush my teeth…

“The only thing I saw in the mirror was skin—no eyes, nose, mouth…it was the most terrifying thing I had ever seen.

“I quickly threw on my clothes and decided to confront the manager of the hotel.

Maybe it was some sick joke or something,” Lisa shrugged, not looking convinced.

“But when I went out into the hallway, I saw this ghostly apparition standing at the other end of the hall.

She was just standing there, but I knew deep in my gut I had been inside HER body during my dream.

I turned to go to the office down the other end of the hallway, but she was there also, just standing there, watching me.

“I screamed and screamed until a hotel staff member came and found me.

I packed up my bags and I left New Braunfels that night, without even seeing my friend.”


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