These 7 Haunted Ruins In Texas Will Terrify You To The Core

Are you in search of the strange and paranormal?

Dozens of haunted historic ruins decorate the vast Texas landscape.

These buildings, once homes and public service buildings, have lost their original purpose and now decay with time.

But not all of these ruins are empty…

These 7 Haunted Ruins In Texas Will Terrify You To The Core

Andy Graham / Sharlene Shappart

Updated 2/11/2020 – These seven Texas ruins are considered to be the most haunted.

How many of them have you visited so far, and which ones would you never, ever dare to see in person?

Seven Haunted Historic Ruins In Texas That Will Terrify You To The Core

7) Outlaw Station – Glen Rose, TX

This Outlaw Station in Texas used to be a place to buy bootlegged alcohol, but now it'll have you seeing an entirely different kind of hallucination than blurry vision or the room spinning.


Once a gas station, the Outlaw became a well-known hotspot for obtaining homemade alcohol during times of the prohibition.

Now just a shell of the former brick building, many people come to see the unique stonework of the station, but instead stumble upon something far worse.

Quiet during the day, the Outlaw Station grows alive at sundown.

Visitors claim that many disembodied sounds occur here, including the sound of engines, meters and glass bottles breaking on a now phantom floor.

Once a Texan made verbal note of the noises while standing outside the ruins.

The disembodied noises quickly ceased—as if hiding from a police officer, coming to investigate their wares.

6) Stonehenge II – Ingram, TX

Some believe that the visitors to Stonehenge II may be mistaking it for the real thing.

While not ruins in the historical sense, the Stonehenge of Texas pays tribute to the globally recognized and still mysterious monument.

Recently, a few locals have started rallying behind the idea of dismantling the replica in town.


They claim that the replica has started to attract attention from alien beings, just as the original Stonehenge has done.

A handful of witnesses have claimed to have seen a UFO land near the monument.

Creatures with large domed heads were seen in silhouette, examining Stonehenge II.

Many believe Stonehenge is a map of a portion of our universe, and that extraterrestrials have used it as a historic navigational tool.

5) Baylor Female College – Independence, TX

The four pillars are all that remain at Baylor Female College , unfortunately they are the most sinister parts of this former campus.


Once the original site of Baylor University, today all that remains of the bustling town of Independence are four pillars where the college once stood.

Many claim the reason why the town was abandoned was due to a poor layout of the railroad, cutting off many businesses in town.

However, a local legend claims that a woman who once lived there became a member of a Satanic cult and decided to sacrifice her life to the devil.

Rumor has it that she climbed up one of the Baylor pillars and hung herself with a rope.

Many believe that as she did so, she placed a curse on the town that remains to this day.

Those who visit Independence around twilight may catch a glimpse of an apparition in a black gown, walking around the remaining pillars.

4) Abandoned Buildings – Terlingua, TX

An abandoned building in Terlingua is not a rare sight, neither is a paranormal encounter.


Terlingua is a well know Texas ghost town, surrounded by dry, dusty fields and deserted brick buildings.

Once a successful mining town, less than sixty-five people now remain as Terlingua residents.

Many people in neighboring areas claim that Terlingua is a very peculiar town, where time seems to operate under different rules.

Several visitors in the area have claimed to have experienced black outs, blurred vision, and even hallucinations.

A couple of researchers believe that the area falls under these anomalies due to Infrasound—low frequency sound waves that are known for altering people’s perceptions of things around them, as well as deteriorating their mental health.

3) Mission San Jose – San Antonio, TX

Mission San Jose in Texas was designed to show what old churches look like, and now it's literally a shell of its former self, but the spirits don't seem to mind.


This magnificent building still stands in great condition despite the fact that it has been empty for many years.

The design of this church and community building was purposefully meant to show how many churches might have looked over 250 years ago.

While the building is undeniably gorgeous, many San Antonio residents avoid it at all costs.

People believe that ghosts have made the Mission their home and walk through the grounds during the night.

Dozens of people have fled from the building screaming, claiming that they heard the sounds of wraithlike voices inside.

They claimed that the voices began as quiet whispers, whispers of prayer and worship.

But then the voices got steadily louder and more violent, until they were completely surrounded and sure that a physical attack was imminent.

2) Crawford Smith Ranch – Big Bend Ranch State Park, TX

You don't need four walls and a roof to keep evil inside, especially at Crawford Smith Ranch in Texas.


Very little remains of this once large scale ranch.

Nestled into dry, mountainous terrain, the ranch was abandoned in 1942.

Today, the State Park receives many visitors and all seems to be well by the light of day.

However, those who have been in the park at night often experience something unnatural.

A few recent eye witnesses claimed they heard strange noises coming from the abandoned ranch late at night.

When they crept up to investigate the source, they caught sight of a black scraggly tail turning around a corner.

Believing it was a dog, the group went about their way.

Then one shouted and pointed a short distance away.

A strange, half dog, half mystery creature was seen watching them from the outskirts of the park.

Those who saw it think it may have been the legendary chupacabra.

1) St. Dominic’s Church and Cemetery – D’Hanis, TX

Some of the spirits resting at St. Dominic’s Church and Cemetery in Texas may be upset that their final resting place wasn't better maintained over the years. They may take it out on visitors.


Once a beautiful church and place of eternal rest, today nothing but crumbling stone walls remain.

Many wonder how a sacred place could be so neglected.

However, several local Texans believe the area is haunted by a deadly spirit.

People have been forewarned that they may see a shadowy figure walking around the grounds of the abandoned cemetery at night.

If this figure sees you, he is likely to follow you home that night and peek at you from around all the corners of your house.

Those who have endured this haunting say the entity itself will not physically harm you—he will just instill you with so much fear you can no longer function normally.


Sometimes terrible things live in the dark and forgotten places of Texas.

Ruins may be great places to visit for their historical impact.

But too often paranormal entities and spirits call them home…and do not wish to be disturbed.