Haunted Lubbock: Is the “Memphis Man” Legend Actually Real?

Lubbock, Texas is full of buildings and other places which locals believe to be haunted.

Entire books have been dedicated and written on this single town, revealing all of the spirits that still linger there.

But which of these stories are true?

And which are merely legend?

Haunted Lubbock: Is the "Memphis Man" Legend Actually Real?

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The Local Legend of Lubbock

Updated 2/11/2020 – According to skeptics, the legend of the Memphis Man is just that—a legend.

The story goes that a man was at the intersection of Memphis Avenue and 66th Street.

It was winter time and he was waiting for a bus to arrive.

But when the bus finally did show up, it slid on some ice and wound up killing the man.

For years, Lubbock locals claimed the man’s spirit could still be seen waiting for the bus.

However, the city updated their street lighting and the truth was revealed…

The Memphis Man was in fact a utility pole.

His apparition was merely an optical illusion.

For Lubbock resident Adam, it made perfect sense.

“I drive northbound on Memphis all the time, and it’s abundantly clear that’s a utility pole,” he said with a smirk.

“Then again, that might have been harder to see when there were fewer lights on the avenue, so no judgement.”

So you don’t believe that the Memphis Man is true?

Adam hesitated.

“I don’t think the utility pole apparition is true… but I do believe there’s something paranormal there,” he finally admitted.

Are you speaking from personal experience?


The Entity That Waits

Some people believe the stories of the man in Lubbock are real... the others just haven't seen him. Yet.

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Can you please tell us what happened?

“I take Memphis Avenue back and forth when I visit my girlfriend,” he began.

“One night I left her house to start the trek home.

“It was very late, so most of the streets were void of cars.

“I was heading northbound and as I turned onto Memphis, I couldn’t help but think about that silly ghost story.

“I was approaching the utility pole in question, and I kept staring at it.

“I wondered how anyone apart from people with extremely lousy vision could ever think that pole was a man.

“As I stared, I realized a figure was watching me from behind the telephone pole.

“I wanted to slow down, but instinct told me that that wasn’t a bright idea,” he said, biting his lip.

Can you describe the figure?

“It happened so quickly, I could barely register him,” he shook his head.

“I just remember he had on this large, shell-like mask that covered his whole face.

“He just kept staring at me, and it was by no means an expression of warmth.

“When I made eye contact with him, he slowly pulled out a knife and held it up near his face so I could see.

“After that, speeding up and hurrying home seemed like a no-brainer.”

“Everything about his appearance seemed human…but the way he just appeared and dissolved into the night… it just wasn’t natural,” Adam shook his head, looking tense.

“Now, whenever I’m out driving around Lubbock, I do my best to avoid Memphis Avenue.”


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