The Ghost Lights of Heard Bridge Road in Fort Meade

Like a few other corners of the United States, Fort Meade, Florida is home to a strange and natural phenomenon.

It’s been said that people have been seeing unexplained lights floating over Heard Bridge Road since the early 1950s.

The Ghost Lights of Heard Bridge Road in Fort Meade

Photo credit: flickr/Doris Klinger

The Strange Phenomenon Over Heard Bridge

Updated 2/10/2020 – These bizarre lights have been deemed “ghost lights” as no one has been able to determine their origin.

For Fort Meade native Raymond, known as a psychic medium to local residents, the lights represent a night of absolute fear.

“My older brother had told me about the lights when I was little, and his stories always kept me up at night,” he said.

“As I got older, I began to think that he had been saying those things just to scare me.

“I decided to go to Fort Meade and find out for myself.

“I drove out to Heard Bridge Road by myself.

“My girlfriend intended to go with me, but she suddenly had to cover someone else’s shift at work.

“I figure it wasn’t a big deal—I’d drive there, sit around for an hour and then drive home disappointed.

“I got to Fort Meade and parked on the side of the road right before the bridge.

“I turned my car engine off, sat back in my seat and waited.

“At that point I was very sure my brother had been pulling my chain, but being out there alone in the dark certainly didn’t put me at ease,” he said with raised eyebrows.

“There large, looming trees on either side of the road.

“It had been raining most of the day, and the area was thick with a dense fog.

“In patches that were clear, I could see several feet into the foliage.

“But when the fog rolled in, I could only see objects that were maybe two feet away from my car.

Fort Meade: Home to Odd Lights or Something More?

“An hour or so passed, and I think I started to fall asleep sitting there.

“I jerked awake and decided it was time to head home while I still had an ounce of energy.

“…But then I saw something moving in the distance,” Raymond said, turning quite serious.

“It was faint and white and initially I played it off as just some more fog.

Many people have seen various forms of lights and eerie fogs at this location, do you dare to be next?

Photo credit: flickr/absinthius

“But it began to take shape as it moved closer toward me.

“And I realized it was a human figure, walking through the woods in a white robe.

“They had a deep white hood pulled up, so I couldn’t make out any facial features or characteristics whatsoever.

“Goosebumps started to form up and down my arms.

“There was something about that figure that really and truly scared me.

“Suddenly, another hooded figure appeared, walking a few feet closer to my car than the first figure.

“They had just walked across and out of my headlights when another one appeared, five feet closer.

“I stared in amazement as more and more of these figures started emerging from the woods, all the while inching closer to my car as they walked past.

“I thought maybe they were a part of some cult, or worse—a ritual.

“I had thoroughly forgotten about the strange ghost lights when one of the robed figures stopped between my headlights and turned to look at me,” Raymond said with a visible shiver.

“As she turned, I quickly registered pale white skin, a mouth and a nose.

“But where there should have been pupils, I saw only bright lights.

“I realized in horror that the ghost lights of Fort Meade were real.

“And that I was looking right at them.”


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