Forget About Sleeping At The Haunted Hotel Stockton

A historic landmark, the Hotel Stockton at 133 E. Weber Ave. stands out against the modern surroundings of Stockton, California.

It is over a century old and has welcomed traveling entertainers and local government officials during its years as a grand hotel and the City of Stockton’s City Hall.

Forget About Sleeping At The Haunted Hotel Stockton

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Updated 9/23/2019 – But not all of its guests to date have checked out.

There are hundreds of ghost tales that took place between the hotel’s walls. Three of these are detailed below.

The White Suit Smoker

Stockton: Forget About Sleeping At This Haunted Hotel

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One of the ghosts that regularly make an appearance at the hotel is that of a man in a white suit.

Haunting the back area by the stairs, he’s usually seen smoking a cigarette on top of a small wooden stool.

However, he’s bound to disappear within seconds, taking his stool away with him.

The only thing he’ll leave behind is a cold presence that’ll send chills down your spine.

If you notice blood on his fingers, don’t wait for a second and get the heck out of there.

The White Suit Smoker is known to attack people seeking secluded areas in Hotel Stockton.

The Ghostly Pianist of Hotel Stockton

If you pick a room on the 6th floor, you’ll clearly hear the sound of piano music from the ballroom at night.

But don’t try investigating as the ghostly pianist would know that you’re coming up to the ballroom and disappear.

A medium who visited the hotel claims that she made contact with the spirit at the stairs leading to the ballroom.

According to her blog, the ghost was a young pianist who fell in love with one of the patrons who frequented the hotel.

After becoming intimate, she revealed that she was married.

Before he could escape, her husband caught him and stabbed him to death.

While the pianist doesn’t know where his body is, he knows that his heart is in the piano he played for years.

And that’s why he willingly became part of Hotel Stockton’s ghostly residents.

The Wandering Ghost on the 4th Floor

While you’re bound to come across cold spots on the 3rd floor, you’ll only get to see a spirit on the 4th floor east wing.

According to the hotel’s staff, this is the ghost of a man who was killed in one of the rooms during the 1960s.

No one knows why he was shot, but rumor has it that he swindled money from the hotel’s owners.

Angered by his untimely death, he continues roaming the floor he died on.

While he won’t harm those who simply cross his path, he’s been known to lash out on those who try interacting with him.

A local psychic who tried communicating with him was scratched badly on the face.

So, steer away from him.


133 E Weber Ave
Stockton, CA 95202