Beaumont: The Old Oak Tree That Can Raise The Dead

Welcome to Beaumont, California.

There is nothing new in our culture about the idea of the “common tree” in a township.

From a place where the teenagers go when they’re not in school to drink and learn as much about sex as possible, to the mysterious domain of local legends, the common tree is a staple in the environment of any town.

Beaumont: The Old Oak Tree That Can Raise The Dead

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Updated 2/10/2020 – Occasionally,  if stories are to be believed, one of these trees can be a source of evil.

This brings us, suddenly and frighteningly, to the subject of the old oak tree in Beaumont, California.

Old Oak Tree in Beaumont Possesses Necromancer Powers?

Local legends talk about a number of odd things happening at the Old Oak Tree.

“They used to find bodies there sometimes, back in the eighties,” says one local who has been in the area his whole life, “and of course back then nobody knew why; everyone just thought that it was a body dump for a serial killer or something.”

A concept which is creepy enough on its own, one would think.

But the people of Beaumont – at least, the ones who believe in such things – are pretty sure that something else entirely is happening.

“Those bodies were being left there,” says the resident (who prefers not to be named), “because it was believed that the tree had the power to bring people back from the dead.”

What would give people this idea?

Raise Them From The Dead

Beaumont: The Old Oak Tree That Can Raise The Dead

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“Girl by the name of Maggie dies in this town, oh, I’m gonna say nineteen seventy-two, seventy-three.

“Pretty girl, this Maggie – she’s the kind of girl you want to take to the prom with you; only she never gets to the age where she gets to go to prom.

“Fifteen years old, and some guy comes along one day and abducts her; takes her back to his place twenty miles or so away, does horrible stuff to her.

“I mean, he sewed her mouth shut at one point…that kind of weird.

“Anyway, he kills her, dumps her body at the old Oak Tree, goes back to his place to do whatever sick thing he does after a kill.

“This is where it gets weird, though.

“If what I’ve heard is true, she wakes up in the morgue a couple of hours after they discover her body and pronounce her dead; just sits up in on the slab, opens her mouth to scream, and rips out the stitches.

“Then she runs out on her own two feet and disappears – I mean disappears, as in no one ever hears from her again.

“Ever since then, people have occasionally tried to recreate the event, but as far as I know no one has ever succeeded.

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