Webber International University Students Attacked by Ghost

All-girl’s Camilla Hall at Webber International University in Babson Park is haunted by a ghost with malicious intentions.

Webber International University was the first business school for women, although since opening their doors in 1927, they have expanded to take on both male and female students from 48 different countries.

Webber International University Students Attacked by Ghost

A calm place for school

Updated 2/10/2020 – They may have also taken a wraith into their midst.

Ghost Attacks Webber International University Students in Their Sleep

A shadowy figure haunts the second floor of Camilla Hall.

Students who have seen the figure describe him as something straight out of a horror movie.

He has long, sharp nails, and his face is obscured by shadows.

Local rumor claims only one girl has ever seen his face.

She was having a nightmare, and when she awoke, she looked into the face of evil.

The face of the ghost of Camilla Hall.

His eyes were said to be black, like he had no soul.

Webber International University Students Attacked by Ghost

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He vanished the instant after she saw him.

He was gone so quickly it might have been a dream.

Not wanting to take any risks, the girl allegedly moved out of Camilla Hall and back to her home country.

Rumor has it she was never heard from again.

Other girls who’ve lived in the dormitory claim to have felt long, cold fingers grasp around their throat at night.

One international student staying at Camilla Hall described waking up to a strong breeze in her room, even though the area usually has still air, especially in the middle of summer.

But most girls who believe they’ve felt the touch of the specter woke up to a quiet and empty room.

Some students don’t believe the ghost is even real.

They think he’s a myth made up to scare new girls at the university.

A sort of hazing ritual to see how you would react.

Other students swear they came in contact with him, and they were lucky to get away alive.

How Did This Ghost Come To Be?

A male ghost in an all-girl’s hall is seemingly inexplicable.

He couldn’t have died there, unless he snuck in.

He may have been conjured.

Rumor has it that a group of students in the 1950’s held a Ouija board ritual to commune with dark spirits.

Some say they tried making a deal in exchange for passing grades.

The spirit took their experiments with the supernatural as a chance to visit this historic and haunted school.

Once he arrived, he didn’t want to leave.

So now he haunts the second floor, preying on the fears of struggling students.


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